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SES NouvelleApril 2018 - October 2018

Software architect for the last gen of Variable Message Signs (VMS) for Highway England company
-Strategic project from turnover and partnership perspectives, with a very challenging deadlines.
-In charge of building and leading an off-shore team (10 persons) to address the project challenges.
-Negotiation with the end client to clarify the scope of the project, since a bunch of contractual
requirements were reserved as a provision for future use without obvious content.
-Specs analysis, architecture elaboration, reverse engineering of the already existing in-house
technical Hw/Sw platform, setting-up minimalist processes, methods & tools in order to
consolidate the team deliverables in a very short term (introducing Model based design)
-Pragmatic reuse approach: Enhancing some parts of the existing solution, while redeveloping
other parts from scratch in order to reach the functional & performance requirements on time.
-New developments mainly based on an Embedded Linux system running on an ATMEL MCU
(ARM9 processor), and several OSLess applications running on 2 variants of
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SevconNovember 2016 - November 2017

Embedded Software Architect (Contract)
- Software architect for the new generation of Electrical motor controller
(Inverters) called

Gen5, with the ambition to develop a reusable platform able to address the growing
challenges of the electrical automotive market.
- Design process compliant with ASIL-C functional safety ISO26262 standard.
- Mainly in charge of the Software Architectural/Unit design and implementation
activities, according to the Part6 of the ISO26262.
- Setting-up a UML Model Based Design (MBD) environment, able to generate the
documentation automatically from the model, while ensuring automated requirements traceability to the requirement management tool.
- Methodological support to ensure that the relevant details of the whole complex software are captured within the models, in a structured and understandable manner, vital to succeed the coding/testing.
- Coding in MISRA-C the Level2 (Function Monitoring ) according to the E-Gas
monitoring concept, referred from the Sw architecture and the safety concept:
Threads allocation within SafeRTOS, using MPU features to ensure freedom of interference. Implementation 1:1 compliant with the Sw architecture.
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Schneider ElectricMay 2011 - November 2016

Software architect for Schneider Electric Harmony eXLhoist products line.
- Domain expertise in Hoisting : Wireless Remote control of industrial cranes.
- Design of proprietary safety-critical wireless protocol layer based on BLE
- Design process compliant with SIL3 functional safety IEC61508 standard.
- Involved during all the preliminary/detailed design activities : Customer need analysis, System specifications, FMEA, Software architecture/Ressources allocation,
MISRA-C :2004 coding/testing and requirements tracability.
- Involvement in business strategy definition : migration from electromechanical
design to software intensive critical systems with high safety constraints.
- Accordingly, setting-up Software design processes, methods and tools to go with this business migration and meet the deliverables expected quality.
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Schneider ElectricOctober 2007 - October 2010

PhD in micro-electronics in the context of collaborative European project
(TWINS) with partners from France, Spain, Finland, Germany, Belgium and many others.
-Research work was focused on improving the hardware/software design flow of a safety-critical device, using modeling and simulation approaches based on
SystemC technology.
-Design of a fault injection technique based on virtual prototyping to validate the safety related requirement, while optimizing the TTM and the project cost thanks to the design flow parallelization.
-Demonstration of the approach in an industrial context with a real case study:
The medium voltage protection relay Sepam10 virtual prototype allows to validate the built-in self-tests using fault injection techniques.
-Multiple communications on =S= group (2 articles on Calcul & Simulation journal), and at the international peer-reviewed conferences (2 IEEE papers).

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BlueTooth Low Energy, Software Architect

Analysis methods and tools



Function Monitoring, industry~it, Engineer, valuable architect experience, valuable support, Embedded Software Architect, Medium Voltage, Embedded software development, Research Engineer, VM, Advanced RISC Machine (ARM), Object Oriented Analysis/Design, Expert, Methodological support, Unit design and implementation, UML Model Based Design, Specs analysis, develop a reusable platform, C Programming Language > MISRA C, strong problem solving skills, Software Team Leader, Self-motivated, Internet of Things, RTS




Software Design, Project Management, ISO, Electrical engineering, Digital Product Development



Mes études et formations

Technological Expert Level - Schneider Electric Edison Program2014 - 2014

Doctor of Philosophy, Micro-electronic - Institut national polytechnique de Grenoble2007 - 2010

Master, Productique and Advanced Systems - Ecole centrale de Lille2006 - 2007

Masters Degree, Automatique and production systems - Ecole centrale de Nantes2005 - 2006

Engineer's degree, Electronic - Université USTO2000 - 2005