Stratos I.

Back End Developer


Mon expérience

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Pokerstars (Gaming software house)Janvier 2015 - Juin 2017

Achievements and responsibilities:
During my time with the Rational group, my main task was maintaining and using the customer email template database for the Greek customer base for Pokerstars. This would include finding bugs and creating or translating Greek email templates which would then be sent to the players affected.

Apart from reporting and resolving problems players might be facing with the software, I was also tasked with modifying and maintaining procedures for other agents to follow in order to resolve each issue with the least amount of emails possible. I also developed a series of small programs that would query the database and retrieve information relevant to each type of issue that the customer was facing in order to make it easier for other members of the team to have the information required available faster than was previously possible.

Since this was my first time working for a big software house in London, I gained lots of valuable experience on working as part of large team with offices across the world.
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Polaris Publishing (publishing – software house)Juin 2007 - Octobre 2012

Achievements and responsibilities:
While working with Polaris, my main responsibilities were to produce and maintain the company's leading educational products which were the best selling educational cd-rom games in Greece. As a programmer, my duties included everything from development of the new products / expansions, creating installer software for the new releases, preparing multi platform master cds that were sent to the manufacturing plant for duplication, writing patches for old software and maintaining the company's website. I was also responsible for support, maintenance and upgrades on the company's computers and network as well as training colleagues on how to provide customer support for all of the company's products.

During my time with Polaris I was involved with and responsible for a total of 11 new products that were released and very successful in their area. I was also tasked with providing technical support and creating patches where those were required, an experience that provided me with new depth and perspective into both of those areas of a program's life cycle. While there, I also had the chance to create and internal application (apache / php / mysql) that served as a knowledge base and client data base. During my time there I was also given the chance to create the software for the presentation kiosk at the Wildlife photographer of the year exhibition in Athens.
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Greek I.S.P ForthnetSeptembre 2006 - Décembre 2006

Achievements and responsibilities:
As an I.T. Support representative for Forthnet, my main task was to help customers configure routers over the phone, identify and resolve any issues with the company's servers and try to respond to any issues or questions that the customers or their equipment might present in a very short time.

I was also tasked with solving and documenting any new problems that occurred and made sure that the current database for the support department was up to date and correctly categorized in the company's CRM system. One of my favourite aspects of that position was the fact that I had access to and was allowed to see how an Internet service provider works internally and gain a much clearer understanding of the structure that supports it.
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I.M.S. InformaticsOctobre 1999 - Septembre 2000

Responsible for I.T. Support for the network of Toyota Hellas authorised car dealerships

During my time with I.M.S. I was responsible for the maintenance of the company's software called “Dealer +” which was distributed to the network of Toyota Hellas car dealerships in Greece. This included providing support over the phone, discussing new features that could improve the software with both programmers and customers, training new staff, preparing the instalation software for new releases and patches to the software and during on site visits, everything from resolving hardware issues to helping customers with any problems they might have with the software, backup procedures or their computers in general.

The range and variety of situations and scenarios meant that on one day I could be helping a client install the latest version of the software on a single computer or training them on basic use of the software while the next day I could be configuring a server with 10 terminals and discussing changes to the application with the head of the programming department.

Even though this position could prove to be very stressful at times, I found that working on real situations with very strict deadlines and managing seemingly chaotic situations on a daily basis brought out the best in me. I have gained many skills from working with that company but the most valuable one is being methodical, analytical and fast in my approach to work.

Mes compétences

IT Infrastructure



Programming, maintenance


Macromedia Director, Adobe Director, Adobe Premiere

Environment of Development

Unity 3D

Mes études et formations

Bsc Hons in Multimedia computing - University of Wales, North East Wales

Iek Palmer degree in Multimedia computing - Greek Hnd equivalent