Georgios T.

Bi/Etl Developer

485 dollar
10 ans
Athens, GRÈCE

Mon expérience

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AtosMarch 2019 - Présent

Implement Next Generation Emergency Calls solution for OSV product 

Member of small scrum team. I participate in all phases of implementation of NG Emergency Calls solution (Definition, Development Testing) in OSV product for countries in North America and Europe. 

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Unify S.A (Acquired by Atos 01/2018)December 2014 - March 2019

Maintenance of the current software that runs on OSBiz platform (Long term project): 
Analyze problems in specific components in OSBIz platform. Optimize and refactor source code. Analyze and fix memory leaks. 

Ιmplement new features in OSBIZ platforms 
As member of VoIP and media team, I design and develop new features for OSBIZ platforms (PowerPc, Intelx86). New features include: the design, development and testing of RTP Proxy that handles secure payload (MIKEY/SDES). Integration, development and testing a mechanism that handles signal and payload from WebRTC applications. 

Verify that Linux chromium utilizes the VP8 HW Accelerators in Intel Platform 
Verify that chromium that runs in an Intel Embedded Media System (Beebox) can utilize the Intel VPx Hardware Accelerators (Vaapi). Setup a Debian 9 Linux, install all the appropriate packages, build chromium, communicate with the community, make demos and create an official report have been included in our tasks. In addition to this we implement the missing functionality to support VP8 Hardware Encoding. 

Port and integrate software that runs on c6416 DSP to C665x multicore keystone architecture: 
Porting, integration, testing software to the multicore DSP. Programming the external memory PLL, setting CPU and DDR3 frequency and download executable to DSP. Implement V&V tool for testing the C665x functionality. Contact TI to solve problem in development phase 

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MyOmega System Technologies/Consultant at NXPFebruary 2014 - December 2014

Verify and Validate Cortex M3 chip: 
As member of a group of people from different countries I implemented test cases for ARM Cortex M3 chip and its peripherals.. 

Development and testing of a completely new firmware under an ARM Cortex-M3 platform. Moreover, in my duties was the integration of software that is provided by different multinational companies. We followed strict Coding Standards, patterns techniques aligned to Misra-C. This project was done on behalf of the NXP semiconductors 

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Cognity S.AJanuary 2013 - February 2014

Cosmote Romania ePos: 
My main duties at this position were the development and testing of new components for an existing software platform. This platform is used in one of the biggest telecommunication organization in Southeast Europe (Cosmote Romania, Epos). 
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Centre of Information Technology Support of the Hellenic ArmyJune 2012 - February 2013

Website with personal info for officers and soldiers in the Greek Army 
Portal that presents all the information for the staff of the Greek Army. 
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-July 2011 - September 2012

Operating Systems, Java, C++, Digital Logic Design 

Mes compétences

Analysis methods and tools

ClearCase, JIRA

IT Infrastructure

GNU, Windows, Linux

Embedded and Telecom

ARM Cortex-M3

Software testing





Android NDK, Android SDK


MISRA-C, Wireshark, Xilinx Design Suite, Valgrind

Environment of Development

Ace, SVN, Eclipse, NetBeans


Python, C++ 11, Java, SQL

Mes études et formations

Advanced C++ Training (C++11, 14, 17) - JB International (JBI Training)

Official ARM training on Cortex M3 and M4 architectures - arm

M.Sc. in Computer Systems Technology - Kapodistrian University of Athens2010 - 2012

Diploma in Computer and Communication Engineering - University of Thessaly2004 - 2010