Kashyap H.


176 dollar
6 ans
Bangalore, INDIA

Mon expérience

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PASSNFLYNovember 2019 - Présent

* Managed top airline portfolios in their check-in process.
Forecast accuracy was improved by 8% over a quarter, yielding inventory savings for clients.

* Streamlined inventory and reduced holding cost by identifying unproductive data through data analytics combined with information compiled from competing internal stakeholders.

* Strategically planned and managed the interactions with third-party organizations for quality deliverables through the supplier relationship management (SRM) tool.

* Analysed data using various BI tools like Tableau, Data
Studio and Excel to generate reports for strategic decision making.

* Managed common database procedures, such as upgrade, backup, recovery, migration in the database using MySQL and Python.

* Performed Quality Analysis and Quality Assurance testing of software, reporting issues and suggesting developments that led to improving the quality and functionality of the server.
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MATRIX CELLULAR LTDSeptember 2016 - December 2017

* Supervised agile execution of complex telecom projects by following lean and scrum methodologies.

* Managed all client interaction, including requirements, scope, budget, resources, updates, and future relationships.

* Worked closely with Sales and Marketing teams to ensure timely achievements of sales and revenue targets.

* Negotiated contracts with new corporate clients.

* Optimized business processes for improved collaboration with clients.

* Evaluated organizations internal processes to reduce up to
20% of service requests.

* Developed new leads from new and existing clients which increased company revenue by 12%.
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AYON GLOBAL EDUCATIONJuly 2015 - August 2016

* Acquired and managed multiple clients by providing customized software solutions.

* Collaborated with teams in various locations and ensured a quality product with the help of agile methodologies.

* Developed project plans using the workflows-based
approach to reduce rework cost by 15%.

* Handling Sales & Marketing teams and branch management, reporting to the CEO.


Mes compétences

Tableau, SQL, Six Sigma, SAP, Quality Assurance, Project Management, MySQL, Microsoft Excel, Analytics, Agile Methodology