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Freelance Event ManagerSeptember 2015 - Présent

Key Responsibilities:

• Managing a team. Anything from a small core team of 2 people up to a large team.
• Contacting and liaising with clients.
• Sticking to budgets and time scales.
• Supervising contractors, caterers and security.
• Keeping on top of the event and ensuring everything is running smoothly on the day, to the client’s specifications.
• Ensuring the brand, product or clients standards are kept throughout the event.
• Writing a detailed report about the event and team to feedback to the client.
• Problem solving and attention to detail.
• Engaging with the public to publicise an event, product or brand.
• Ensuring that insurance, health and safety regulations are adhered to.

Working as an Event manager has given me insight into looking after and managing people and has developed my organisation skills quite significantly. It has also given me the opportunity to demonstrate my communication, people, sales and market skills along with my ability to creatively solve any problems that might arise.
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Henry Alexander ActorJuly 2014 - Présent

For my acting profile visit https://twitter.com/henryalexand3r or check out my imdb profile on https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5945734/

My acting name is Henry Alexander.

OmiseGOJune 2017 - Présent

TezosJune 2017 - Présent

Civic TechnologiesJune 2017 - Présent

PerchPeekApril 2018 - Présent

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Investment-FintechDecember 2015 - Présent

I have helped a few startups over the last couple of years. These have been in the tech, property and blockchain space. I typically invest at pre-seed or seed rounds. If you are at series B it's way too late for me to get in.

UTRUSTNovember 2017 - Présent

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The River ProductionsOctober 2018 - Présent

Acting CEO / Founder of the River productions. A production company based in the U.K. creating engaging content.


MedviceJanuary 2018 - Présent

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The Citizen OnlineApril 2012 - July 2014

Key Responsibilities for my position in The Citizen Online:
• Managing and updating the website
• Researching and creating stories based on findings
• Interviewing key personalities and constructing content based on dialogue
• Editing, proofreading and working with the editor to produce high calibre articles
• Co-managing the layout and content of the website in order to keep it up to date
• Marketing the publication using social media tools
• Using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to increase the websites ranking on major search engines

Whilst working there, I gained insight and experience into the workings of an online publication. I have also learned how to structure an article for the internet, work towards deadlines, and communicate effectively with an online audience as well as with other departments within the organisation.
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The Citizens TrustJanuary 2012 - January 2014

Key Responsibilities for the Citizens Trust :
• The Organisation and updating of databases using spreadsheets
• Assisting clients with preparation for job interviews
• Arranging student portfolios for any potential OFSTED inspections
• Creating the companies new website (www.thecitizenstrust.org.uk)
• Aided and helped students with the creation of the Olympic Spirit.

Working for this charity gave me the opportunity to work in various departments, due to the small size of the organisation.

Mes compétences

Big Data





Web development


Information Technology


Digital Marketing, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Communication, Project Management, Social Media, Leadership, Business Development, Problem Solving, Strategic Planning

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's degree - University of West London2008 - 2011