Nasser G.


Mulhouse, FRANCE

Mon expérience

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Ammbr Group (International)Août 2017 - Présent

IT Consultant & Architect.
- Establishing basic principles and designing base products with the ability to expand and evolve.
- Managing groups of new-hire engineers with regards to coding standards and patterns.
- Ensuring smooth token swap in an ERC-20 ICO market.
- Managing and participating in the development of Mesh-Network routing algorithms designs.
- Designing and implementing secure-messaging applications using .NET, C#, WPF, Unity, Network.
- Designing back-end management software (VS2017, C#).
- Designing an ERC-20 transaction audit for an end-user token-swap (C#, WinForm).
- Designing an Android background service for block-chain access (Android Studio, Java).
- Participating in board meetings and taking charge of the technical side of the enterprise.
- Support and participation in back-end C++ coding based on FreeRTOS for embedded devices.Technical Environment: VS2017, C# 7.0, WPF, Unity IoC, C++, Embedded Linux, MVVM, Android Studio (3.1.3).
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Titan Midwest (United States)Août 2017 - Janvier 2018

Hardware Architect.
- Analyzing the application and its feasibility using FPGA and Memory Array.
- Designing the processing engine and the work-distribution engine.
- Designing front-end management software (C#, WPF).
- Working on Gigabit Ethernet connectivity issues.
- Working on multi-phase switching controllers (>90% efficiency).
- Developing controller design applications (in C for the compiled Linux image).
- High-Speed PCB Design (DDR3-1600, GbE, LVDS).
- Compliance with CE, FCC and UR.
Technical Environment: C# 7.0, WPF, Unity, C++, Embedded Linux, FPGA (Xilinx), Vivado design suite, High-Speed PCB Design.
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S.G.S.Mars 2017 - Août 2017

.NET Consultant &  Architect.
- Reviewing the company's previous-generation (known as AdelSoft)
product (done in VB.NET and VB6) and deciding on a migration path
towards WPF .NET using the MVVM pattern.
- Analyzing the actual system in place and designing the end-product with backward compatibility in mind.
- Determining the best strategy for long-term durability and maintainability.
- Managing and training the IT team, providing them with knowledge on the WPF framework, MVVM and IoC patterns.
- Revising and redesigning the company's database architecture.
- Participating in board-meetings on updates regarding the project's status.
- Introducing software design patterns (Code Coverage, Unit-Test compatible code, ORM).
Technical Environment: C# .NET 5.0, WPF, Task Parallel Library (TPL), VB.NET, VB6, Unity, NHibernate, Microsoft SQL Server.
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HoneywellSeptembre 2015 - Mars 2017

.NET Consultant & Architect.
- Revising an under-use product and redesigning another product previously developed in VB6.
- Analyzing the system in place and designing an end-product with backward compatibility in mind.
- Determining the best strategy for long-term durability and maintainability.
- Managing communication bandwidth limitations to ensure real-time responsiveness.
- Fault detection and correction in the Trend Network.
- Packet and session analysis for Bottleneck Detection.
- Migration of previous VB.NET-generation libraries to C#.NET.
- Migration of old VB6 Active-X systems to the new .NET technology.
- User-Space support software design.
- Maintaining daily contact with the London team to ensure a proper synchronization between the R&D departments.
Technical Environment:
C# .NET 4.5 & 5, Task Parallel Library (TPL), VB.NET, VB6, WinForm, WPF, ModBus, BACnet, NCrunch, JIRA.

Mes compétences




VB.NET, C/C++, Matlab, ODBC, Visual Basic 6, XML, Shell, DHTML, C#, Java, VHDL, Verilog HDL, Delphi, Verilog, MVC, STL

Embedded and Telecom

FPGA, Embedded C, Analogue Modulation (QPSK, QAM, GSK, FSK), Lattice Diamond, PCB Design, Vivado Design Suite, Satcom

Open Source solutions


Mes études et formations

- Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunication Engineering - Tehran University, Iran.2004 - 2007

Mes tests

C# 6.0 quiz medium level
Bitcoin quiz medium level
.NET C# 4.0 Developer quiz medium level