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Independant consultant - KL Consult Web01.07.2016 - Présent

As an expert consultant who's specialized in optimising websites, I help the local, the independent and the e-commerce businesses to develop and
professionalize their business through a website optimized for mobile and SEO. (without having to pay a web agency).\n\nI am particularly specialized in:\n- Website creation showcase or blog with Wordpress\n- The creation of online store with Shopify\n- Optimizing your profile and strategy on Instagram
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Founder - Un Aller Sans Retour01.05.2017 - Présent

Un Aller Sans Retour is a travel blog that aims to inspire, give the desire to leave, and help to live his dream travel.\n

I helped travelers in backpacks to prepare a long adventure around the world through travel tips and itineraries.\nI realized all the website design and content:\n- Setting up the blog under Wordpress\n- Optimization of articles for natural referencing\n- Creation and management of social networks around the blog (15.5K subscribers on Instagram)\n\nSome of the information products that I propose to my subscribers:\n- The Survival Kit for light traveling\n- The Ultimate Guide to prepare for your stress-free journey\n- The Unlimited Travel Formula
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Consultant Shopify - Equre03.06.2019 - 21.07.2019

Equre est une boutique en ligne sur Shopify spécialisée dans la vente de cosmétiques.

J'ai dans un premier temps dû optimiser certains points de la boutique (déjà existante), notamment au niveau du design pour la rendre plus professionnelle.

Dans un deuxième temps, j'ai créé une deuxième version de la boutique, à partir de 0 cette fois. J'ai donc customisé entièrement un thème Shopify pour avoir un design unique et professionnel.

Tâches effectuées : 

- Optimisation du design général du site

- Création d'un tout nouveau thème pour le site

- Paramétrage de la boutique Shopify

- Gestion des commandes

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Shopify Consultant - True Tribe01.04.2019 - 16.05.2019

True Tribe Paris is an online store on Shopify, specializing in men's luxury fashion and offering swim shorts.\nI had to optimize some points of the shop (already existing), especially in terms of mobile display.\n\nAccomplished tasks :\n- Optimization of the display of some parts on mobile, especially on iOS\n- Added slider on the produced items
- Various other optimizations of the theme
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Shopify Consultant - New Orleans Racquet Club01.03.2019 - 30.04.2019

New Orleans Racquet Club is a brand new high tech tennis club in the city of New Orleans in the United States.\nSo I created a showcase site for the opening of this club. Shopify was chosen to allow users to join and pay for the club membership.\n\nAccomplished tasks :\n- Setting up a Shopify site\n- Complete customization of a Shopify theme (html, css, js, liquid)\n- Setting up the site and the payment configuration.
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Shopify Consultant - Les Lunettes de Morphée01.02.2019 - 31.03.2019

Les Lunettes de Morphée is an online store offering anti blue light glasses in order to increase sleep quality.\nSo I created an online store with Shopify to sell these glasses by completely customizing a theme
according to the needs of the customer.\n\nAccomplished tasks :\n- Setting up a shopify shop\n- Complete customization of a Shopify theme (html, css, js, liquid)\n- Development of specific feature
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Shopify Consultant - Hello Sasha01.10.2018 - 30.11.2018

Hello Sasha is a startup in the field of Sneakers. It offers, via a marketplace, a selection of the best sneakers for women.\nSo I created an online Marketplace with Shopify to sell these Sneakers by reproducing a previously created model.\n\nAccomplished tasks :\n- Setting up a shopify shop\n- Complete customization of a Shopify theme (html, css, js, liquid)\n- Development of specific features
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Shopify Consultant - U.N.X Paris01.10.2018 - 30.11.2018

U.N.X Paris is an online store offering sportswear for women, as well as support and self-defense sessions.\nSo I created an online store with Shopify to sell these clothes by reproducing a previously created model.\n\nAccomplished tasks :\n- Setting up a shopify shop\n- Complete customization of a Shopify theme (html, css, js, liquid)\n- Development of specific features
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Front-End Developer - Art du Massage01.05.2018 - 31.05.2018

L'Art du Massage is a Parisian massage parlor located in the 11th arrondissement.

The existing site was not mobile-friendly. So I set up a responsive site that adapted to any type of support and all screen sizes in order to have a mobile-friendly site.\n

Accomplished tasks :\n- Redesign and standardization of site code to have a lighter site that loads faster on mobile\n- Adaptation of the CSS code so that the design of the site changes automatically according to the size of the screen on which one consults the site\n- Training and support so that the owner of the massage parlor can make some changes independently
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Web Developer - SNCF01.09.2013 - 01.09.2016

In the Technical Coordination pole of the Technical Department of Projects, System and Engineering, I was in charge of:
\n- The development of a Wordpress web site for online help for the cost estimation software of a project.- Maintenance and evolution of this site
- The realization of complementary modules to this software in .NET
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Wordpress Consultant - Association Stéphane Lamart01.07.2016 - 01.09.2016

L'Association Stéphane Lamart is an association recognized for public utility in the defense of animal rights.

I redesigned their website so that they have a modern and clear communication support and an easy to maintain platform by the staff of the association.\n

Accomplished tasks :\n- Implementation of the Wordpress system\n- Creation and design of the whole site\n- Integration of requested features (contact, donations, animal research, email capture, etc.)

Mes compétences


Java, C++, SQL, Visual Basic, JavaScript, HTML, HTML5, CSS3


C Programming Language, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft C-SHARP, Microsoft .NET Technology, Cascading Style Sheets, Ingénieur Informatique, Microsoft Access, Développeur Web, Joomla!, TOEIC, Visual Basic .NET, Search Engine Optimisation, DEVELOPPEUR WEB WORDPRESS, PPC > PPC Marketing, Certificat de Formation > Certificat de Formation Marketing


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign


MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server

Environment of Development



AJAX, jQuery, WordPress


SEO, E-commerce, Spanish, WordPress API

Application servers


Open Source solutions


Mes études et formations

Engineering degree - ECE Paris

BA, Development of Applications and New Technologies - Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University

Computer Science - Paris Descartes University