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GOLODJanuary 2016 - Présent

Start-up launching
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Freelance activity
Subjects : operations, , lean manufacturing, Design To Cost-Procurement, Supply Chain
Example of missions realized :
1) Sector transport - industrial investment optimization
- Strong clarification of the aims of the project in term of cost, delay and performances with a segmentation by workpakages
- Deep analysis of technical risks with its impact on cost and delay

2) Sector industry - Design to cost
- Segmentation of all references by technologies and select of 10 references with high potential of gains
- Value analysis to well understand the just needed
- Deep market products analysis by parts, raw material, process, design, quality tests
- Listing of more than 100 ideas of cost reduction with estimation of gains on the direct cost
- Working on alternative raw materials produced inner and outside of the company
- Optimization of packaging and palettization

3) Sector agribusiness - lean manufacturing
- Active supervision (dashboards of KPI and daily meetings at all levels)
- Analysis of load/capacity by lines, scrap and overdose by sector
- Coaching and training of team leaders
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STEP ConsultingOctober 2013 - October 2015

Follow-up of performance improvement of maintenance activities on the French nuclear fleet
- Setting-up of load-capacity adequacy monitoring tools for activities to reduce the no-productivity time
- Training the multi-disciplinary teams and implementation of performance indicators
- Measurement of OEE providers on several activities
- Analysis and proposals for improvements ideas

Managing locally a transformation program on three industrial sites in a large French cable manufacturer
- Screening and implementation of potential gains on direct costs (material First, Organization MOD, critics Machines)
- Screening and implementation of potential gains on indirect costs (Maintenance, Logistics, Organization ME, expenses)
- Setting-up and monitoring of technical and financial indicators (P&L impact of scrap,OEE, overconsumption for examples)
- Managing local teams towards the objectives of the program
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Inter Action ConsultantsMarch 2011 - September 2013

IAC is a leading consulting firm specialized from 30 years in optimization of manufacturing cost.
These areas of expertise are mainly the design to cost of new products, the redesign of existing products, the reduction of purchasing cost and the optimization of industrial investments

These tools are Reverse costing, Value Engineering, Ratio analysis ($/kg,$/m,$/KW), benchmarking and e-sourcing.

Examples of missions achieved :

- Electrical tier-one equipment supplier: Market analysis on electric motors industry for urban cars application (identification of competitors / analysis of technical solutions and performance / estimation of cost)

- SME in Microscopy and Analysis industry: Design to Cost on a new product (technical and functional scope to be defined / Cost objective to be achieved from estimation of market price)

- Household appliances manufacturer: reduction of manufacturing cost of meat grinder without change the design

- Rail products supplier: Initial Design to cost for a new range of trains

Transverse activities

- Commercial development assistance toward Private Equity firms (Market Analysis / Creation of communication support adapted / first linking)
- Financial analysis of potential suppliers as a supplement to their technical proposal (Analysis of Balance Sheet and P&L / Calculation of relevant ratios)
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Bnp Paribas développementApril 2010 - December 2010

BNP Paribas Développement is a private equity firm, subsidiary of BNP PARIBAS, involved in projects of growth capital or LBO for French SMEs as a minority shareholder.

Main activities realized :
- Strategic analysis (Sector overviews and profiles, Company profiles)
- Financial modeling (Balance Sheet, P&L account and off-balance sheet financing analysis)
- Business Plan development
- Enterprise Value (DCF / Multiple) and IRR calculation
- Financial deal optimization (Equity, Convertible bond, Warrants)
- Portfolio Investments monitoring
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SaipemJuly 2008 - December 2008

Final internship
Assigned to the project management team for the Request For Proposal
Develop an Engineering and Procurement planning for onshore gas monetization project
Planning realized on PRIMAVERA
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Saint Jean Industries Inc.March 2006 - July 2006

Initial intership

Optimize the production line of 2 manufacturing parts
- Reduction of time machining (-50%)
- Optimization of transport parts from station to station
- Optimization of stations assembly / packaging

Mes compétences

Quality Management, Purchasing, Project Management, Product Management, Product Life-cycle Management (PLM), Problem Solving, Lean, Innovator, Functional Analysis, Design, Corporate Finance, Consulting