Hassan H.


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Mon expérience

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Al Sabbagh pharmacyJune 2016 - June 2019

✔Demonstrated product knowledge as well as polite and friendly service by aiding customers to find the best supplement that fits their needs.
✔ Professional Sales Associate with great problem solving skills as evidenced by resolved customer complaints and negotiated solutions.
✔ Demonstrated strong organizational skills by maintaining order of shelves and items as well as keeping the store fully loaded with supplements at any time.
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Université de LorraineSeptember 2013 - December 2015

As a Ph.D. candidate in LIBio, I worked on the development of a new drug delivery system based on natural compounds for curcumin encapsulation.

✔ I acquired a great commercial acumen skill based on market and product knowledge as demonstrated by the successful development of shea butter solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) stabilized by non-ionic surfactants by using mixture design methodology, resulted in the development of a new drug delivery system based on natural and no expensive compounds without using any toxic solvents.

✔ I developed strong leadership skills and experience managing professional research projects, as demonstrated by supervising an undergraduate student during his senior year research internship and managing the whole PhD project from initiation to close on a limited budget ($5000).

✔ I am knowledgeable innovator with expertise in biopolymer and lipid-based drug delivery system as evidenced by the development of a novel multiscale drug encapsulation system, based on natural bioactive compounds.

Mes compétences

Business Intelligence



Python 3.5


Research and development, Origin

Computer Tools

ChemOffice, Microsoft Word

Machine Learning

Deep learning


Machine Learning

Environment of Development


Mes études et formations

Doctorat - Université de Lorraine2013 - 2015