Leonardo Flores D.



Mon expérience

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Software Developer / HardwareDécembre 2017 - Présent

Development and implementation of industrial electronic device to process the weight digitally,
the electronic card must be able to manipulate input and output signals to control peripheral devices.
The electronic design will be based on NXP microcontroller architecture,
the signal of the load cell "Weight sensor" is interpreted by an analog / digital converter.
The electronic device "industrial weight indicator" will run with the Android operating system
and Linux kernel, the electronic card with Android will have an SNMP agent to monitor device
states that are defined in the SNMP MIB.
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Acriter S.A.Août 2017 - Octobre 2017

Software developer in C ++.

Support to FIS IST / Switch modules.
Support in Oracle and DB2 database
Scrips in C language for UNIX.
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Diebold NixdorfDécembre 2007 - Juillet 2017

Software Developer for Diebold ATM, Diebold Procomp, Wincor Nixdorf.
Specialist in the management of the XFS standard, NEXUS INVOLVE, Agilis EmPower,
in the different models of ATMs "ATMs".
Specialist in handling protocols 91x-Diebold, NDX / NDC-NCR, ISO8583, SNMP.
Languages ​​applied in the different developments:

Visual C ++ (MFC, ActiveX COM, DLLs), BackEnd in applications
Visual Basic (ActiveX), FrontEnd in application (TELMEX).
Visual C #, BackEnd & FrontEnd in applications
JAVA, Agilis EmPower ABC Hook in application (BANAMEX).
C, in applications (SNMP TELMEX agent, ABC Hook AFIRME).
PERL, scripts for general use.
InstallShield, unattended installers (TELMEX, BANAMEX, AFIRME)

Mes compétences


Develop ATM XFS, Developer C++, Developer .Net, Protocols ATM - NDC- 91x, Developer Agents SNMP

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Unix


Software Development


C/C++, C#, Microsoft Visual C/C++, XML, OOP

Mes études et formations

- National Polytechnic Institute