Emanuel H.


459 dollar
23 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA

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FreelanceDecember 2015 - Présent

• Involved in several projects in various Wintel infrastructures, ranging from bleeding-edge technology to bleeding eyes legacy apps;
• Design and overview the implementation of a new isolated environment (that still needs to be accessed by users in a very secure manner);
• Azure IaaS deployments automation with PowerShell for applications testing;
• Automate installation and configuration of new software builds in said cloud infrastructure;
• Migration/ upgrade of Active Directory, Group Policies and Terminal Services in secure legacy environments (as far as legacy is secure);
• Migration/upgrade/replacement of management scripts written in ancient languages and third-party discontinued tools using PowerShell (and tears).
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MicrosoftMarch 2011 - December 2015

• Proactive (Risk assessments, Health Checks, Workshops, Upgrade, Backup & DR, Group Policies and custom deliveries) and Reactive premier support for Platforms/ Active Directory/ Group Policy for customers who can afford it. Also, forest/domain design, migration, consolidation, upgrade etc.
• If you're well organized, a single bullet is enough to describe what you do. Esp. when you don't do too much. Not my case though, I have 2 bullets
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OracleAugust 2009 - March 2011

* Manage a virtual environment of ~800 machines running various OSes, databases, apps and configurations for Siebel tech support engineers;

* A really long job title.
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Capa FinanceApril 2008 - August 2009

Patria Credit IFN (formerly,
* After chasing sales people and cheap upper management, implemented the following (in random order): Active Directory, OCS, WSUS, security, Cisco UCE (yes, Express, I told you they were cheap), blades, SAN, backup, antivirus, Exchange (and migration from Lotus), firewall (ASA / ISA), virtualization, networking (LAN and 35-sites WAN), UPS, SolarWinds, ServiceDesk+.

* When all this was almost done, I've been promoted to doing helldesk 80% of the time, inventories for everything imaginable, policies, documentation, excels and powerpoints for the IT manager to brag with in Board meetings. In the time left I could actually do some monitoring and management for the stuff in the previous bullet. If it was systems or networking, then it was for me to do or fix.
If not, they asked me to do it anyway.

* Somehow, the bullets in this job are smaller than those in previous jobs. I guess you didn't notice until now...
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OracleSeptember 2006 - April 2008

* 2nd level support for Siebel CRM (Core Server issues);

* If I pasted stuff from my resume, it'd be redundantantantantant. So to put it in fewer words, I helped other people doing things they were too lazy to read about.

* I handled poor installation, bad upgrade, network/ webserser/ app. server/ virtualization misconfiguration tickets. I was better than anybody else at saying "not supported" and make the customers happy so I got a lot of awards, diplomas and corporate marbles for that. I even got a pen once, it was worth
EUR 50, but I'm afraid dad stole it from me.
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KefaloniaMarch 2004 - September 2006

* Network, infrastructure planning, deployment and management, servers, policies, security, backup, antivirus, desktops deployment;

* KPI: huge amounts of free time after putting everything in place.
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Coordinate the ISDecember 2005 - September 2006

Philip Morris International
(Customer Services)

* Coordinate the IS Helpdesk team (read: many users with many applications, almost half as many mobile users on top of the many, significantly less people in helldesk to keep them happy, even significantly less to keep the significantly less helldesk people from going insane);

* Negociate the contracts with service providers (fixed and mobile telephony, computer systems and hardware). Who doesn't love paperwork?

* Side-projects: replacement and deployment of the remote connectivity solution for the mobile Sales "Force", deployments and upgrades, technical advisory for various Marketing campaigns;

* The good: great experience. The bad: death by Powerpoint.
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HelldeskFebruary 2005 - December 2005

* Larger company, more users, thankfully also bigger tools for the following: servers, desktops, network, security, backup, administration, troubleshooting, implementations etc;

* User support (of which some were French. Oui...).
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AgranaOctober 2002 - March 2004

* Actually, the title was IT Consultant, but it's misleading: it reads outsourced
IT helpdesk guy; tough school, but effective. Meh.

* First contact with the corporate world. We still keep in touch.
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AecuteApril 2001 - November 2001

* Redesign of the layout and interface for a Swiss chain of film theatres plus other small web projects;

* Even tighter deadlines, twisted schedule, happy customer.
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Cosva GraphicsFebruary 1999 - February 2001

* Desktop publishing, pictures scanning and processing, colour separation and film output.

* Painfully tight deadlines (being the last link in a production is not fun). Exotic hardware and large screens for those times.

Mes compétences

Windows Server, Virtualization, Troubleshooting, Spanish, PowerShell, Microsoft PowerPoint, ITIL, IT Helpdesk, Hyper-V, Active Directory