Marius O.


472 dollar
7 ans
Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

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Remote WorkAugust 2019 - Présent

• Angular Teacher

I have taught someone Angular 2+, using best practices and tips and tricks for enterprise-level applications. He was very happy to learn advanced Angular concepts in a very short time.

• Vroomania

I created this application in order to experience end to end lifecycle of any software system: think an architecture, develop it, release it to production.
For clientside, I used Ionic/Angular and I used redux architecture (NGRX), for clean and maintainable code.
For serverside, I used .NET Core, Entity Framework Core, SQL and NoSQL database. I switched from onion architecture to Domain-Driven Design and Event Sourcing.
For build/publish jobs I used Azure DevOps.

• Autonex

I developed this project with another friend. It was an automotive website built from scratch using ASP.NET and Angular 2+. We went from concept to production-ready website. We encountered issues and we have learned how to bypass them by ourself.

• Ranking

Together with another colleague, we developed a ranking system to track our team ping-pong games. We started it to learn and understand better Angular concepts. In the end, the entire team was happy to use it, and it served as a good launch ramp in building Angular applications.

• Geeking

This project served for a long time as a playground to learn new technologies and apply what I have already learned.
After faculty, I started to work on this project, which mainly is a blogging platform, allowing to create posts, manage comments, track users feedback and much more.
The first time, I implemented the client part in Razor, combined with AngularJS. Once Angular 2+ was alive, I switched the entire client to Angular 2+.

• Primarii de Top

This project was a news website. Together with another friend, we developed the project using KnockoutJS and .NET Framework Web API. I developed the serverside, working very closely with the guy from clientside. We had strict deadlines and our customer was very happy that we met them.
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Micro FocusFebruary 2017 - November 2019

"Performance Center software is an enterprise-class performance engineering software, designed to facilitate standardization, centralization, global collaboration, and management of a performance engineering center of excellence."

• In the first phase, I worked on client/server bugs, in order to stabilize the product. The customers were happy to see that the stability, performance and overall experience, were increased every release.

• In the first major version, it was decided to migrate part of our app in Angular 2+. Using my Angular knowledge, I did a ation for my team, to different architecture approaches for Angular projects, advantages, and disadvantages for each of them. I suggested a new project architecture (redux) that I successfully implemented in my home projects. The team was happy because our codebase became more scalable and way more maintainable, and overtime it proved it's a good fit for complex user interfaces.

• I have rewritten UI part from our product in Angular 2+, and also, based on customers' feedback, we improved the overall UI/UX for this feature. The feature turned into something faster (some components event x10 times) and more usable.

• Because of very rich and dynamic pages, specific pages written in Angular were slow on Internet Explorer. I and another colleague applied all performance tips and tricks for Angular, and it turned in something stable and usable.

• We had to implement a new server component. I and another two colleagues got the job to find viable technology stack and architecture. I was very happy that I had an impact on the decision, part of the technologies that I suggested being chosen to be used (.NET Core, Entity Framework Core etc).
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OPTIMA GROUP SRLMay 2015 - February 2017

1. .NET Developer
• Targul Agro

Mainly, I worked on Web API part of the project. I created different API endpoints. The supervisor made me understand better how the Entity Framework works under the hood and how to write more efficient queries. Also, we had a memory caching layer, and all this stuff together made our Web API much faster.

• SFAS Driod

We ported a Windows Mobile application to Android using Xamarin. Our customers were happy to see that we were opened to new ideas and trends.

• Support on WebForms/SQL project

I fixed different bugs reported by our customers.  Supporting old projects for a long period of time made us more trustful, the customers knew they can count on us.


Using Big Data, we tried to make our customers' business to be more productive and to increase their return on investment.

• Doc Approver

I developed (almost by myself) a small budget approver. The way the application worked, made the customers love this tool. The entire approve flow was faster and much cleaner for them.

2. .NET Intern
I developed a web project with another student. It helped us to apply what we've learned in faculty and to acquire new skills. Our supervisor made the transition from faculty to IT industry very easy and pleased for us.

Mes compétences

TypeScript, SQL, Software Development, Software Design, SaaS, Research, OOP, MySQL, MVC, Multithreading, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Microservices, jQuery, JavaScript, IIS, HTML5, Git, Firebase, Entity Framework, Distributed Systems, Design Patterns, Database Design, CSS, CQRS, C#, Bootstrap, Agile Methodology, Agile, .NET Core