Alexandru I.


440 dollar
12 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA

Mon expérience

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FreelanceOctober 2014 - Présent

Activities & Projects:

• scrum master
• introduce agile practices in order to increase the effectiveness of the collaboration between remote teams
• introduce practices such as code review and automated testing in order to increase the quality of the delivered software

JavaScript world
• contributions to MEAN stack app (full stack)
• contributions to Angular app (front-end)
• rewrite of native (Android, IOS & Windows Phone) mobile banking app with Ionic 2 as a hybrid mobile app
• development of hybrid mobile banking apps with Ionic3 (Angular5). – team lead role
• development of a social-financial app with features such as money transfer, bill splitting, etc. (Ionic 4 / Angular 8) – team lead role

Java world
• generic file conversion automation to and from the xls/xml formats
• specifications for a custom TOTP server
• design and proof of concept for pluggable db workers architecture on top of OSGi
• exploration of tomcat connection pool interceptors: possibilities for connection pool partitioning and session state caching
• proof of concept for JasperReports based reporting ecosystem
• JasperReports Server machine provisioning with Ansible (infrastructure as code)
• Oracle AQ worker farm - OSGi implementation
• JPOS implementation
• Internet Banking servlet project refactoring & new functionality
• ivr & sms processors
• generalized import / export solution
• TOTP implementation in C
• wrappers for various C libraries to be used from Oracle
• web service clients and servers, with the interfaces configurable by JSON files
• identify a solution for automated pdf signing and pdf signature verification, for integration in a particular workflow
• push notifications back-end for Android, Windows and IOS clients
• consulting for integrating an internet & mobile banking product with a banking cards transactions service provider
• adapt a digital signing software component to tokens with new specifications
• process attachments and digital signatures of pdf files
• automate a complex file transfer and processing interface between a bank and another institution
• simple servlet project
• SOAP integration of IBAN-validation into internet banking

Technologies: C, Javascript, Java, Oracle
Voir plus, TMG Online Media (after TMG acquired 2011 - July 2013

Project 1
Description: The former social network of The Netherlands
Positions: Core developer, deploy master
Responsibilities: Fixing bugs, adding / removing features (frontend to backend all the way), transitioning backend architectures to new implementations, managing major website deploys
Technologies: php, python, mysql, javascript, svn, linux

Project 2
Description: Startup attempt within A.I. powered video serving mobile app which was learning viewing preferences of users and serving videos in descending order of relevance
Position: Backend developer
Responsibilities: Backend implementation of features working mainly in the python web framework and mysql
Technologies: python, mysql, javascript, git, linux

Project 3
Description: Creating from scratch a mobile site for, including refactoring / replacing some backend systems
Position: Developer, scrum master
Responsibilities: Define and manage the scrum process; frontend (except design stuff) to backend implementation of features
Technologies: ASP .NET MVC 4, C#, SQL Server, javascript, Team Foundation Server, Windows
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ScanYoursFebruary 2011 - August 2011

Although I was hired as a programmer, the need seemed to be in the QA area so I went along with the responsibility as I considered it to be an educational opportunity; activity revolved around working with developers, understanding their projects, testing and making observations from the QA point of view.
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PROBASS (acquired later by Asseco)June 2007 - June 2009

Working individually, or as part of a team in designing, developing and maintaining software projects in the areas: Internet banking, online authorization, integration modules for the main product of the company - ab-Solut core banking system, credit approval, import/export solutions, custom utility libraries, etc.

Technologies: Java, Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL), CVS

Mes compétences

YAML, XML, Windows, Web Applications, Vagrant, TypeScript, Team Foundation Server, SVN, SQL Server, SQL, Software Development, Scrum, RESTful, Redis, Python, PL/SQL, PHP, OSGi, Oracle, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Linux, Kanban, JSON, JavaScript, Java, iOS, Ionic, HTML, Git, Emacs, Docker, Distributed Systems, CVS, CSS, C#, C, AWS, ASP.NET MVC 4, Ansible, AngularJS, Angular 2+, Android, Agile