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SSE PlcNovember 2018 - Présent

Billing Customer classification (R, SQL, Tableau, git)
* The goal of the project was to find billing event patterns and identify the adverse ones that would provide the senior management with the areas to improve the efficiency of the billing process
* Time series analysis of billing and meter read events
* Time series clustering and billing classification
* Dimension reduction
* Presentations in form of Tableau visualisation to various audiences: data scientists, business users, managers.
Debt Collection efficiency (R, SQL, Tableau, git)
* Identification of debt flows and inefficiencies
* Test the hypothesis that some geographical areas have higher risk of debt
* Provide data for bad debt provisioning
* Presentations in form of Tableau visualisation to various audiences: data scientists, business users, managers.
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Saunderson HouseJuly 2018 - August 2018

Client Reporting project
A short contract assignment to define a dataset required for a Client Reporting solution by a third party vendor.
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Chief Underwriter OfficeSeptember 2016 - June 2018

Expense MI dashboard
* Expense data insights dashboard created in QlikSense for the use of Budget Owners and Exco
* The project was run in RAD/Agile manner, with iterative approach and weekly presentations of progress and design workshops with senior stakeholders and end users
* Closely cooperated with FP&A team with regards to data provision and data quality (SQL Server, SSAS, SQL Server Management studio, transact-SQL)
* Data analysis for Phase 2: Headcount
* My personal success was to gain the credibility and establish good working relationship with the senior and demanding stakeholders
* The overall success of the project put the team on the map as it was delivered quickly and outside of IT
Designed the Index of Client Goodness for Client Engagement team (Multinational clients)
* The goal was to find customers that have potential for growth using client segmentation output and historical data
* Exploratory data analysis required querying large data sets (SQL, Netezza) and identifying factors that are relevant in Good Client definition (GWP, GLI, Sales amount etc)
* Data quality validation and liaising with IT to implement changes
* POC implemented in R
* Data insights presented in non technical manner to the client engagement team (visualisations in R)
* Technologies used: R, Excel, SQL
Improvement of efficiency by automation of Claim Root Cause analysis
* Developed a program in Python (NLP, nltk) to automate qualitative claim root causes analysis that had been done manually in Excel which decreased processing time
* This allowed to expand the analysis to cover larger lines of business
Data analyst on Multinational reporting project
* Analysing data sources and quality for Multinational policy data (SQL)
* In depth policy data analysis per region or country - different rules apply to different regions
* Developed a prototype for Multinational local policy mapping with AIG financial systems
* Designed ETL solution to on board Multinational policy data into Commercial Data Hub
* Test cases and automated testing of the ETL
* The challenge on this project was to find and get information - my ability to communicate efficiently and build good working relationships contributed to success
Data analyst on Pricing project
* Data provision for Pricing Actuaries
* Data sources identification, data validation and reconciliation using SAS, SQL and Excel
* Development of data processing framework (Netezza)
* Close cooperation with the Pricing team in New York
* Gained high level of understanding of Pricing models
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M&G InvestmentsJune 2012 - September 2016

Various projects for Data Management, Regulatory Reporting, Fixed Income, Corporate Data Warehouse

Data Analyst/Business Analyst on Corporate Datawarehouse project
* My understanding of Financial Products and in-house systems allowed me to progress to data analyst role from senior developer
* Worked on data provision for Front Office reporting
* Analysed data quality and designed ETL process for historical positions for Fixed Income reporting
* Worked closely with Integration team to ensure timely delivery by providing requirements and validating data
* Technologies used: SQL, Excel
Analyst/Designer/Lead Developer on EU Transparency and Significant Shareholders Disclosures regulatory project
* Remapped and redesigned the Significant Shareholders process - it decreased the run time, allowed contingency time for report delivery (processing time improvement from 4 hours to 15 minutes) and improved efficiency
* My personal achievement was to get the `buy in' and the approval of the process redesign of the Head of Significant Shareholders Disclosures and the Project Manager (risks versus gains)
* Lead a team of 2 developers to deliver the project
* Worked closely with the Head of Significant Shareholders Disclosures and the Lead Business Analyst to ensure data provision and data quality to meet the regulatory requirements
* Technologies used: SQL, Excel, Oracle reports
Analyst/designer/developer on Solvency II Pillar 3 project
* Data provision to Prudential Group
Analyst/designer and developer on the FFX Rates project - automation of FFX Rates feed from Markit.
* The project provided a significant process improvement for the Data Management Team where manual tasks have been automated
* The project required 3rd party vendor management
* Technologies used: SQL, XML
Each project gave me the opportunity to work closely with the business, establish credibility and maintain excellent working relationship
Working closely with the business provided me with an excellent opportunity to gain financial knowledge and understand financial data
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Royal Bank of ScotlandSeptember 2008 - April 2010

Finance Technology - Financial Data Mart

* Worked on several projects: Futures, Loans, Ulster integration, ABN Amro integration.
* Firstly joined Futures project to meet timelines of PnL reporting which involved steep learning curve and working to tight timelines.
* Development of reports for Finance and Accountants
* Development of multiple financial reconciliations, mainly for Product Controllers, close co-operation with the business users, gained understanding of financial products
* Performance tuning
* Technologies: Oracle 10g/9i, SQL, PL/SQL, XML, XSLT, Oracle Warehouse Builder 10.2, data modelling, performance tuning, Oracle Reports, Oracle Warehouse Builder 10.2, Oracle Financial, Sybase, t-SQL, Autosys, JIL, Discoverer, Java
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Royal Bank of ScotlandJune 2007 - May 2008

Operation Technology - WallStreet Systems

* Development and support of WallStreet Systems ORD v.3.4 database - MIS system for FX/MM (Oracle 10g, XML, Java).
* Analysis, design and development of enhancements to SAMM (Settlement Accounting system; Oracle, Unix shell scripts, Autosys, dbms jobs) - new archiving solution, performance tuning, several enhancements for accounting messages processing
* Release manager of production changes on WallStreet ORD database and XML interfaces to downstream systems
* Simple DBA tasks for test and development database environments
* Mentoring and supervising junior developers
* Overnight and weekend system support (on-call - 3rd line)
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Anite PlcJuly 2005 - February 2007

* Analysing of customisations and enhancements to Swift: evaluate design, provide estimates and recommend and implement solutions as needed (Oracle 9i/10g, PL/SQL, Forms 6i/10g, Reports 6i/10g, JavaBeans, Designer 6i/10g, Solaris, Oracle XDK, XML, XSD)
* Development of OLTP systems
* Lead developer in integration project with Capita for education -EMS (Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Oracle XDK, XML, Forms 6i, Designer 6i, XMLSpy, exposure to XSD, web services and WSDL, Fiorano)
* Developer in integration project with Atos Origin for Scottish Executive - eCare phase I (Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Oracle XDK, XML, Forms 6i, Designer 6i, XMLSpy, exposure to XSD, web services and WSDL, Fiorano, MS SQL)
* Research and pilot of a solution to improve performance of Integrated Children Solution (Java, JDBC, Oracle XDK for JAVA, SAX, object types; exposure to EJB 3.0, JBOSS, Ebase Eforms)
* Installation and configuration of Multi Agency Store (MS SQL server, IIS)
* Migration of Core APIs from Oracle 9i to 10g (Oracle XDK, PL/SQL)
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RocheApril 2004 - April 2005

Analysis, design and development of Drug Safety Systems (Oracle 9i, Oracle9iAS, Forms9i, PL/SQL)

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Matrix.plSeptember 2001 - December 2003

Full Development life cycle experience in terms of clients’ needs assessments, Database design, Application development, Performance Tuning and Enhancements.
Work with data warehouses
Work with star schemas, facts and dimension tables, knowledge of data partitioning and de-normalising tables for specialised data marts
Design and development of Operational Data Store and data warehouse (Sysdate 11,12, Oracle 9i, Unix scripts, t-SQL, performance tuning)
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HelionJune 2001 - November 2001

* Translator of Polish version of Oracle 8i DBA Handbook
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Zurich InsurancesJuly 2000 - June 2001

* Design, development and maintenance of Payment system for Insurance Agents (Oracle 8i, Forms 5.0, Reports 5.0, PL/SQL, Developer 2000)
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IFS PolandJune 1998 - June 2000

* Development and support of Finance aspects of IFS system, exposure to Distribution and Production aspects (Oracle 7, Oracle 8, PL/SQL, Centura, Gupta, Crystal Reports, Forms 3.0, Reports 3.0, Pro*C)

Mes compétences


SAX, Oracle Forms, JDBC

Big Data

Big Data

Analysis methods and tools

Agile Methodology

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel


Oracle Pro-C, SQL Server Analysis Services, Enterprise Java Beans, Rapid Application Development RAD, Business Analyst, Lead developer, Data Analyst, Designer, Developer, English, Oracle Discoverer 2000, Database Designer, Senior Oracle Developer, the Lead Business Analyst, business Data analyst, Analyst/Visualisation in Data Science team, Forms 9i, RAD methodology, Oracle XDK, JIL, Investment Management, FX/MM Operations, Microsoft Transact-SQL, Oracle Designer 2000, BI DEVELOPER, Data Modelling, Systems developer, Data Engineer, Software Consultant, Oracle Report, Management Information System, tableau, Systems Analyst, Automatic Testing, SQLBase for Windows, Application development, Altova > Altova XMLSpy, Data management, Data Warehousing, Polish, Front Office, Microsoft Internet Information Server


XSLT, WSDL, Oracle PL/SQL, XML Schema, Java, XML, SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Scripting, Python

IT Infrastructure

Git, Sun Solaris


NumPy, Fiorano, Oracle Financials, Machine Learning, Jboss, Web Services


Problem Solving, Server Management, Database Design, Data processing, Business Analysis, Analysis


TOAD, Oracle 8i, Sybase, Oracle 9i, Oracle 11g, Oracle, Oracle 10g, Microsoft SQL Server, Database Administration, Oracle 7, Oracle 8

Environment of Development

PVCS, Oracle Developer 2000

Software testing

Test Cases

Business Intelligence

Oracle Warehouse Builder, SPSS, Business Objects, Data Warehouse, ETL, OLTP

Mes études et formations

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics and Statistics - Open University2014 -

Certificate of Advanced English - University of Cambridge

Engineer’s Degree Field Of Study Microelectronics and Optoelectronics - Warsaw University of Technology1992 - 1998