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Ford of BritainNovember 2017 - Présent

Client: Ford of Britain, UK
Project: GPAS (Global Product Asset Services)
GPAS is a Dynamic set of asset and configuration based Services. Asset Services are scalable, secure, highly responsive/performant digital asset solution capable of associating (with high fidelity) assets with product configuration. It provides a world-class set of digital asset, configuration based services supporting digital experiences.
    Development of Cloud deployable applications    Developed GPAS Micro services using Spring Boot, Spring.
    Developed Asset Load ETL Microservices and generated fingerprints using SHA-256 algorithm to eliminate duplicate image Assets.
    Developed Micro Services to serve image Assets.
    Developed Api's to generate the Composite Image Asset.
    Built Api Gateway using Spring and Spring boot for GPAS Micro Services.
    Secured GPAS Micro Services using oAuth2 in PCF and API Connect.
    Ensured successful architecture and deployment of enterprise grade PaaS solutions using Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).
    Designed and developed GPAS API Microservices, Gateway, Service Registration and Discovery
    Designed the Data model for GPAS.
    GPAS Micro Services deployment on PCF using CF push.
    Experience in using Config server/ User Config Service in Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
    Built Rest Services to store/retrieve image assets from/to AWS S3.
    Designed the messaging infrastructure using RabbitMQ AMQP
    Developed Scalable Consumers for consuming thousands of Messages from Pivotal RabbitMQ Queue.
    Developed MultiCore Framework that allows GPAS Publisher to publish Multiple messages concurrently to the Pivotal RabbitMQ.
    Implemented Cache services using Redis Cache to serve the assets quickly to GPAS Clients.
    Use SCRUM for Agile development and participate in team-led solutions, reviewing peer code for quality and completeness.
    Mentoring the Junior developers in the team and guiding them to follow the right processes.
    Implemented Security to across GPAS Services using Spring Security, OAUTH2 and API Connect & API Gateway.
    Implemented Access Controls (i.e., Authorization Policies) for GPAS Resources/Services.
    Used various Spark Transformations and Actions for cleansing the input data.
    Involved in creating POCs to ingest and process streaming data using Spark.
    Developed Spark code using Java and Spark-SQL/Streaming for faster processing of data.
    Implemented Batch processing of data sources using Apache Spark

Client: Ford of Britain, UK
Project: Central Product Marketing Data V2
Central Product Marketing Data V2 Micro services are built Using Spring Boot, Spring and PCF. Marketing customer facing descriptions, Prices, Promotions and Market Offer Restrictions data authored and stored in one place in CPMD and it allows them to be reused across all customer touchpoints. All of this driven by WERS codes so is designed to deliver any Ford or Lincoln product for any market.
    Developed Micro services using Spring Boot, Spring.
    Developed Micro services to maintain/serve Marketing Descriptions.
    Developed Micro services to maintain/serve vehicle standard and contextual prices.
    Provided knowledge and individual mentoring to team members as needed

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HMRCSeptember 2017 - November 2017

Client: HMRC, UK
Project: Help To Save

Help to Save (HTS) is a cash savings account available to Working Tax Credit (WTC) claimants and some Universal Credit (UC) claimants to encourage good savings habits. Savers are incented with bonus payments of 50% on their highest allowable balance 24 months and 48 months after account creation.

* Developed the Micro Services for HTS using SCALA and Play framework.

Client: HMRC, UK
Project: Pensions Lifetime Allowance - withdrawal and replacement of protection type

Pension Lifetime Allowance is tax protection for people with large pension pots eg around £ 1m. 7 protection types are available, dating from 2004. As the pension amount that is taxable is being reduced, older pension protections, eg Enhanced, are no longer useful and people are able to change them for a current projection type. PLA service for the withdrawal of pension protection type and replace it with a more up to date pension protection. Eg replacing an Enhanced Protection with IP16.

* Developed the Micro Services for PLA withdrawal of protection type using SCALA and Play framework.
* Built the UI for the PLA withdrawal services of GOV.UK.
* Built Api's for reading and storing the protection details into Key store in MongoDB
* Created the Routes for PLA Withdrawal User Journey.
* Developed the Stubs for PLA Withdrawal services.
* created unit tests for PLA Front-end, backend and Stub.
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Ford of BritainDecember 2014 - September 2017

Client: Ford of Britain, UK
Project: Central Product Marketing Data

Central Product Marketing Data is built on Content Management system (Adobe CQ5/AEM WCM). Marketing customer facing descriptions, Prices, Promotions and Market Offer Restrictions data authored and stored in one place in CPMD and it allows them to be reused across all customer touchpoints. All of this driven by WERS codes so is designed to deliver any Ford or Lincoln product for any market.

* Developed custom components, Templates using ExtJS.
* Developed Row Expand/Collapse component using ExtJS for contextual price authoring.
* Developed interactive, plug and play AngularJS Widgets using REST API.
* Built latest authoring and publish screens using AngularJs, Bootstrap and CSS3, also built custom reusable directives and services using AngularJs.
* Developed the REST Services using Apache Sling framework and JCR libraries for managing the CPMD Content Repository.
* Played a Lead Role in helping to pave the technical designs of CPMD application.
* Application is built using agile scrum methodologies.
* Optimised and performance tuned the content management API's in CPMD.
* Experienced in using agile approaches, including Test-Driven Development and Agile Scrum.
* Expertise in creating Lucene indexes in CRXDE
* Selected and implemented agile development practices according to the application requirements for every project

Client: Ford of Britain, UK
Project: Central Product Marketing Data SL

CPMD SL is a one stop shop for the interfacing systems like Vista, GEMSL, PDO, CDMLite, ECCO Ford Credit and Franchise Legacy.

* Experience working within agile development environments using SCRUM methodology.
* High volume data processing.
* Participated in Architect and design of the components.
* Expertise in design and development of various enterprise applications.
* Developed the REST API's.
* Taken responsibility for helping teams to focus on continuous self-improvement

Client: Ford of Britain, UK
Project: CDMLite

CDMLite is built to replace the legacy CDM system, which used to process and store the product data, also this will be used as interface between CPMD and Legacy CDM downstream systems.

* Built SSIS packages (i.e., SQL Server Integration Server packages) to transfer data from legacy CDM to CPMD and CPMD to Gforce Systems.
* Developed SSIS packages/Jobs for generating the files for CDM downstream systems.
* Optimised the legacy SSIS packages/jobs & SQL Stored procedures.
* Developed Pl/Sql Stored Procedures.
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KeytreeAugust 2014 - December 2014

Client: Keytree, London, UK
Project: Matrix Booking System

Matrix Booking is a suite of multi-channel booking solutions allowing the reservation of rooms, desks and other resources, by any approved user. The system provides real-time information about resources available - at any time in any location and is the only true, Mobile-First SaaS room booking system. The open architecture allows for easy, secure integration to mail systems including MS Outlook and Gmail. The in-built system will send alerts to any mobile device, informing the user of free office space. The user can book while on the move, and this can even include a parking space.

* Developed RESTful API's for the Matrix i.e., Booking, Availability, and Configuration & Organisation Resources.
* Developed the API's using iCal4j to integrate to mail systems including MS Outlook and Gmail.
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CitigroupMarch 2008 - August 2014

Client: Citigroup, London, UK
Project: Accounts Master Central

AMC provides the authoritative source of institutional account and clients across the Institutional Client Group (ICG) and Global Functions Technology Services (GFTS) organisations, maintained by a central control group which sets and implements policy using state of the art technologies which promote workflow, collection, storage, analysis, and distribution. AMC is the golden source for GFCID Entity. Account Master Central is single entry point user interface that will enable qualified users (across 90 countries) to manage the full life cycle of accounts and Entities information.

* AMC application was built based on SOA architecture (JAVA, Spring, EJB, XML, SOAP, Restful, JMS, and Java Mail) with a set of interoperable WebServices used by rich client built on .Net smart client technology. These Webservices were deployed on Weblogic 10.3 application server running on Linux servers.
* As part of team built various application components such as AMG Commons, AMG Middleware API. AMG Commons contains utilities written for use by all other modules or components. AMG Middleware API contains the EJB/WebServices middleware components. Whereas development done through Eclipse, Weblogic Server using Ant build system, subversion, Jenkins continuous integration, Jira tool.
* Participated in Requirements gathering, interacted with user experienced team and application developers to define the scope and effort estimates, establish actionable tasks and projects, set priorities and plan regular releases.
* Main Responsibilities are leading Data Distribution team in AMC from EMEA, Data Distribution components are built using Shell Script, Java and Pro *C and batch jobs are scheduled in Autosys. Designed and developed the batch feeds to distribute AMC information to 200+ systems in Citigroup via SFTP or NDM, also developed a parallel transfer scripts to send the files to AMC downstream systems. Publisher API built using JMS for distributing the real-time data to downstream consumers.
* Developed Oracle Packages, Stored procedures, functions triggers and Views, and also performed RDBMS SQL tuning through query optimization by running sql query plans and stored procedure optimization.
* Designed and Developed Restful web services for exposing the Entities GFCID, CAGID & CRGID data, Ratings info to downstream systems.
* In addition to the development tasks, provides L3 Tech support and worked with production support team in debugging and fixing various production issues
* Siteminder SSO setup for AMC,CDI, DMC & XMC Projects
* As a Lead developer, designed, developed and implemented (based on Agile Scrum methodology) many other Risk and Ratings Projects like Fitch, S&P, and Moody's Solicited & Endorsement Indicator Project, JCR - R&I Ratings Project & Markit Red Projects, Also worked on Regulatory Projects including MIFID, Dodd frank and EMEA regulatory.
* Designed, Developed Mail Approval API for CIS application using Java MAIL API. This CISMailbox API built using java to assist CIS Operational Team. Application provides the functionality for various features to send the Entity Hierarchy or Request details to the Operational Team, approving or rejecting existing CIS requests based on Mail request. This api has sophisticated and flexible security and authorisation model for handling the incoming mail requests.
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British Telecom, UK ,August 2007 - March 2008

* BT-NEO application built using Java, Java Beans, XML, BT Enrichment framework, NIIF framework and Weblogic. Collaborate with the application clients to assist business analysts in gather business and functional requirements, implementing business requirement documents (BRD), liaise with testing team and executing release process cycles.
* Responsible for inject technical knowledge to the junior team members, hands-on coding and mentoring agile methodologies.
Client: Telstra Corporation Ltd, Australia

Infosys Technologies LimitedJanuary 2007 - March 2008

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Linx On-Line ServicesFebruary 2007 - August 2007

* Linx On-Line Services is a web application built for Telstra Telecom operations like testing the Telecom line or exchange issues, also for booking/rescheduling an appointment with Telstra Service Agent for Telstra customers.
* Main Responsibilities include assigning the Dockets to team members, Docket fixing and tracking the status of Dockets, also provided L3 Tech Support to Telstra team.
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CMC LimitedMay 2005 - December 2006

Client: AP Police, India
Project: e-Computerized Operations for Police Services

* eCOPS Web application was built for AP Police, India to automate Police Operations such as like Licence Management, Vehicle Management etc. Application was built based on CMC (internal) MVC framework using JSP, Servlets and EJB's. Application deployed onto Websphere 5.0 Application Server.
* As a Senior Java developer main responsibilities are Requirements gathering, preparing high and low level design documents (Application and Database).
* Application being built using Java EE6 standards using Servlet, JSP, EJB, internal MVC framework, JBuilder, Html, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Web sphere 5.0 Application Server and Oracle database writing PL/SQL stored procedures.
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SOFTMERCHANT Pvt LtdAugust 2004 - May 2005

Client: Intellicost Enterprise Scheduling System
Project: Broader Health Care Solutions

* Broader Health Care Solutions Web application was built for Intellicost to manage customer health care information, book appointments of doctor or nurse, analyse customer data and view metrics. System developed based on multi-tier layered architecture using agile methodologies with JSP, Servlets, and Intellicost MVC framework along with Javascript, Html, and CSS and using CVS as Source control repository. Application uses Oracle database and deployed onto Websphere application server.
* As part of the project, developed UI for complete business (Admin and Employee Modules) for Broader Health Care using JSP, Servlets, java Script and JBuilder.

Mes compétences


Lucene, Microservices architecture, REST API, RabbitMQ, IBM WebSphere, Web Services, Spring Boot, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Applications, JAX-RS, JAX-WS

Application servers

Apache Web Server, Oracle Weblogic


Data processing, Design, SED, Team management, Technical Support, Amazon S3 API, Problem Solving, Technical Design, Content Management, Continuous Integration

Software testing

Debugging, Postman, Mockito, SoapUI, Unit testing

Environment of Development

Make, NetBeans, SQL Developer, AccuRev, IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse IDE


Struts Web Application Framework, Spring Framework, Java Server Pages, industry~it, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft .NET Technology, Java Enterprise Edition, Cascading Style Sheets, Developer, Java 2 Enterprise Edition, Jakarta TOMCAT Servlet Engine, Secure Socket Layer, Java Servlets, IP, Apache Subversion, Analyst/Programmer, Enterprise Java Beans, S3, Oracle Pro-C, ColdFusion, Scrum Methodology, Apache Sling, Bonus Schemes, Software Configuration Management, Borland JBuilder, Stored Procedures, Senior IT Consultant, a team lead, Senior Programmer Analyst, IBM WebSphere Application Server, Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Test-Driven Development, flex code development, DBMS Jobs, Message Oriented Middleware, Micro Services SOA, Schema, Sun One Web Server, Sr. Java Developer, A senior Java developer, L3 > L3 Tech Support, Licence > Licence Management, Vehicle Management, Low-Level Design, Architect, communication skills, Web content management, operating systems, Senior Developer, Microsoft Outlook, WebLogic Enterprise Application Server, Project Planning, Requirements Gathering, Java Messaging Service, Web 3.0, Application development, IT experience, code development, Software Programmer, Bachelors Degree > Bachelor of Technology > Bachelor of Technology Computer science, Adobe Flex, a Lead Developer, Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD), Back End, Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform, Front End, Version Control, Content Management System, admin, Platform as a Service, Web Servers, Data Modelling, User Interface, Certificate Generation, Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server, Application Servers, deployment experience, minimal supervision, Netegrity SiteMinder, AutoSys, SHA-2, Python Programming






Java, XML, SQL, JavaScript, Shell Scripting, ActionScript, HTML, Flex, XPATH, Scala, MVC, WSDL, Oracle PL/SQL, MXML, Xquery, Awk

Analysis methods and tools

SonarQube, Apache Maven, Agile Methodology, Junit, CVS, Ant, Requirements Analysis, JIRA

Big Data


Business Intelligence


IT Infrastructure

Linux Red Hat, Amazon Web Services S3, Linux, Sun Solaris, Git, Unix


AJAX, Play Framework, AngularJS, JavaServer Faces, Hibernate, JDBC, Ext JS, JNDI, Bootstrap, Spring


Redis, TOAD, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB

Mes études et formations

Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science - JNTU2004 - 2004