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WorldwideSeptember 1997 - Présent

• I provide my specialised style of
consulting primarily to service providers, software companies and ICT
vendors where I help them develop their pre-sales, product strategy and
their go-to-market plan.
• I also help end-user organisations get
the most from their ICT supply chain, using my insider experience with
that supply chain to full effect!
• My value is in making sure my
customers get the messaging right to maximise their business in the ever
changing world of ICT. My unique skills and experience including my
ability to cross the business / technical divide and my expert skills in
speaking, writing and ing highly technical subject matter using
easy to understand plain language make all the difference.
• Far from being only a "techie" I am an integral part of my customer's business vision and management planning.
• Moving
a technology from obscurity to market-leader is most often not about
features or marketing noise, it's about knowing your story and how to
tell it - and most importantly showing how you create value.
• Engagements
with me can vary from a single day helping a workshop or
conference to long-term engagements where I can embed with my clients
teams and help them develop collateral and capability. All my work is
consistently outcome driven and focused entirely on value creation.
• I've
paused my contracting several times as clients moved me to a full-time
role, but it's always been the heart of how I serve the market.

Blacklion ManagementJuly 2019 - Présent

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Convergence GroupNovember 2017 - July 2019

• Convergence Group recruited me from my
engagement with Huawei (I was one of their suppliers) to help them
transition their business and pre-sales function from a deal-by-deal
mentality to a mature product and systems-led framework. In my time with
them I completely rebuilt the product portfolio and go-to-market
messaging; launched a company-wide product and technology training
program and drove adoption of new ways of working around Office365 /

• I also launched a new SharePoint based intranet and introduced
the first virtual products from ideation to BAU. I also personally drove
the business to a successful award on the CCS RM3808 (NSF2) framework.
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Huawei TechnologiesApril 2016 - November 2017

• Huawei valued my contribution so much
they asked me back a second time to help support the continued growth of
their UK Enterprise business.

• I focused primarily on large projects
(£1M+) for the ISP/CSP vertical, finance and large infrastructure and
was the architect behind Huawei UK's largest ever Enterprise project
deploying end-to-end connectivity across a top-3 UK leisure properties
company including technologies like passive-optical-networking (PON),
wireless mesh, SDN and integrated cloud security and management.
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Exponential-eJanuary 2014 - June 2015

• Joined Exponential-E to be a head-up
the team leading the business evolution into the new era of cloud +
connectivity! While there I rebuilt the product management function
across the business, then developed and lead both the internal and
external (partner) training and enablement.

• This involved working
closely with the marketing function and acting as the company's primary
external "face and voice" to media and analysts. I was also directly
engaged with key accounts for pre-sales support and technical evangelism
to help grow the multi-product opportunities.

• After the full-time work
wrapped up I continued to re the company at conferences and
author white-papers for their on-going brand development until their
full-time staff were able to take over.
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WEU RegionFebruary 2012 - January 2014

I. Technical Solutions Architect , WEU Region (Apr 2012 – Jan 2014).

• As the regional Technical Solutions Architect my goal was to help them launch the Enterprise Business Unit across the WEU region. My role focused on Regional Pre-Sales and Technical Architecture for Huawei Enterprise products across the West EU region and all verticals. In my role I was speaker, er, evangelist, trainer and designer for the full range of Huawei Enterprise Datacom products.
• I helped develop and drive the company's first technical pre-sales training program for Enterprise products with responsibility for both the training program and the content. This included running the trial sessions and performing the "train-the-trainer"​ function with the eventual out-source provider.
• I also reed the company with a wide array of key accounts through-out the region spanning many sectors and verticals. Key projects focused on telco resale (cloud services in Germany and Spain, unified comms across Europe, finance and local government in UK) as well as large enterprise and global systems integrator accounts.

• I was also the main speaker at numerous conferences through-out Europe to promote Huawei Enterprise technologies, solutions and their "customer first" focus on TCO.

II. IP Solutions Manager (Feb 2012 – Apr 2012).

• I joined the brand-new Huawei Enterprise business unit initially to focus on networking and connectivity pre-sales.

• During my first three months at Huawei through demonstrating my capabilities across multiple technologies I moved onto a Archtect role.
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WarrensMarch 2009 - February 2012

• My role at TeleBarbados included both management of the carrier network, and management of the internal IS/IT systems.
• On
the carrier network I was involved in several initiatives including the
optimizing of the all Cisco IP access and aggregation network; the
design and implementation of a new international MPLS network core based
on 100% Cisco technology, including the establishment of
Points-of-Presence in three other countries; negotiation and
establishment of various NNI and other peering agreements for IP, voice,
Ethernet and MPLS; design, selection and implementation of an Airspan
802.16e WiMAX network replacing an Alvarion Pre-WiMAX network; the
rebuild of the island's Force10 based SDH network; a traffic-shaping via
PFSense and NetEQ; and the creation of a new product portfolio based
around MEF type end-to-end Ethernet services using Cisco ME series
• On the IT side I ran numerous evolution programs
including: a redesign of the authentication facility around a fully
redundant Active Directory based single-sign-on system; the design and
installation of a IP-SAN; the design and commissioning of a VMware
private cloud; an upgrade of the Exchange email from 2003 on a single
bare-metal stand-alone server to an active-active cluster of Exchange
2010 running on VMs inside a VMware private cloud; The design of a first
Asterisk based PBX for the internal call center; then the migration to a
Mitel system; The certification of the internal team on VMware, Mitel
and Cisco; The design and installation of both MS-SQL and MySQL
active-standby DB clusters; the migration to roaming user profiles with
an automated backup strategy including off-site backup and geographical
fault tolerance of critical systems; the redesign of an existing Dell +
Cisco data center with new provision for improved structured cabling,
documentation, power & cooling; the creation of a new data-center
based entirely around APC infrastructure components from the bare walls
up to operation.
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Call The Planet CorporationNovember 2004 - September 2008

• At CTP I had dual responsibility of designing the architecture and managing the deployment of the service platform for CTP's managed VoIP and hosted PBX services while also providing the overall enterprise architecture and internal IS/IT systems required for day-to-day business.
• On the service platform side I designed a global full-mesh VPN network between the various points-of-presence around a BSD based appliance and OpenVPN code package. The VPN appliance was also of my design including OEM hardware sourced from Taiwan and a highly customized Linux installation and OpenVPN configuration designed by me. Once inside each of the PoPs I designed a grid (pre-cloud) network (Extreme) with front line (bespoke - custom) servers divided into web, call signalling and media with a back-end system of clustered MySQL databases. The MySQL database design was innovative in it's use of clusters within each PoP and wide-area replication across the VPN to the other PoPs. All of this was managed by a dual-active and geographically redundant AD infrastructure. I then went further into the IS systems designing a custom SUSE Linux install with integrated firewall and an OpenSER (OpenSIPS) platform for SIP call signalling and Asterisk for the call media services.
• For the internal IS/IT I designed a system centered around our Barbados HQ with remote VPN access, Exchange email, central automated backup, and Asterisk-Exchange integrated UC to support our local call center, operations staff and remote teleworkers. All aspects of the Enterprise Architecture including security policies, governance, compliance and more were also part of my designs for CTP.
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HarrisonYoung Modern Business ConsultantsSeptember 1999 - November 2004

• I founded HarrisonYoung around the
concept of providing a full spectrum enterprise consulting service
(infrastructure, software, marketing, & strategy) focused
particularly on hosted SaaS and early "cloud computing" businesses
through-out Canada.
• During the years running HY we helped various
businesses with improved data-center networks, Microsoft AD + Exchange
software environments, improved security designs, new marketing and
go-to-market strategies, and new EA programs.

• We were also involved in
several projects developing BSS systems and e-Commerce platforms for
online services companies and membership based organizations using an
evolved .NET architecture that while preceding true "cloud computing" by
a few years was very similar to today's market leading approaches.
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VerSys Communications (a division of Delta Cable)January 1997 - September 1999

• While at VerSys I managed the Information Systems department which was tasked with providing outsource IS and IT services to various businesses around the BC Lower Mainland.
• My department was responsible for sales and installation of Compaq / HP servers, design and installation of Microsoft environments (AD, Exchange, SQL), and network design and installation (HP & DLink). We also supported the DOCSIS based ISP network of our parent company Delta Cable.
• My personal contributions included developing the training program for the ISP business and acting as the main point of contact for all key accounts.

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Windows Server, VPN, VoIP, VMWare, Team management, TCP/IP, SQL, SIP, SaaS, Product Life-cycle Management (PLM), Pre-sales, PBX, Network Topology, Network Design, Network administration, MySQL, MPLS, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Linux, Infrastructure Outsourcing, Infrastructure Management, Ethernet, Enterprise Architect, DNS, Data Center, Consulting, Cloud environments and services, Cloud Computing, Cisco Switches/Routers, Active Directory