Nicolas H.


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14 ans

Mon expérience

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DollaMay 2019 - Présent

Business Context
‣ 6 employees - 3 software engineers
‣ Organisation Fully Remote

Dolla aims to become a Consortium Blockchain with the following characteristics :
‣ High transactional volumes (10k transactions/s)
‣ Latencies (< 5s )
‣ Based on Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerance (DBFT) consensus algorithm (No PoW or PoS,)
‣ Weak coordinator
‣ Partial synchrony in the voting phase
‣ Transaction finality, Once the consortium reaches a consensus, the decision is not reversible
‣ Energy efficiency, DBFT can achieve a distributed consensus without carrying out complex
mathematical computations (like in PoW)

Our efforts have been essentially put on the consensus platform development :
‣ Proof of Concept
‣ Proof of Design
‣ Performance optimisation

A substantial part of our codebase have been open sourced with more detailed documentation. I invite you to have a look as it demonstrates my abilities in Haskell and my current knowledge in general (see Dolla Github Repository link below)

‣ Consensus Architecture, CQRS, Domain Driven Design (DDD) , SAGA
‣ Functional Programming (FP), Streaming (FRP)
‣ Stack : Haskell, Streamly, EventStore
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EventuriaMarch 2018 - Présent

Some Materials Worthy of Mention : 
‣ "Designing Data-Intensive Applications" Book by Martin Kleppmann. ‣ "Domain Driven Design" Book by Eric evans
‣ "Haskell Programming from first principles" Book by Christopher Allen, Julie Moronuki ‣  CQRS pattern formulated by Greg Young
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EventuriaMarch 2018 - May 2019

On my own savings, I have transposed and adapted my previous knowledge in a purely functional environment with a Basic Todo-list implementation in Haskell (GSD Project - see link attached to this section)

‣ 45,126 ++  34,504 -- (~10k lines of codes)
‣ Command Sourcing, CQRS,Domain Driven Design (DDD)
‣ Functional Programming (FP), Functional Reactive Programming (FRP), Category Theory
‣ Micro-services : Resilience and High Availability, Health Check Mechanism
‣ Stack : Haskell, Streamly, Servant Stack, Byline, Lens , Warp/Wai, EventStore, Aeson
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Automat.aiApril 2017 - January 2018

Business Context
‣ 10.9M US$ funding (Series A) - 20 employees - 10 software engineers
‣ Deals with big brands (National Bank of Canada, L'Oreal...) creates conversational experiences for brands by building an Operating System to Build&Deploy Chat Bots on Messaging Platforms (Facebook Messenger, Kik , Slack)

‣ Built Chat Bots for Bank Clients
‣ Worked on the Conversation DSL & its Interpreter
‣ Stack : Scala, Akka Stack, Kubernetes, CouchDB , DDD, Event-Sourcing, CQRS...
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OMsignalMarch 2012 - May 2017

Platform providing an experience around the consumer's live bio-signals acquired through a line of bio-aware fashion clothes :
‣ 20.8M US$ funding (Series A and B) -
‣ Deals with big brands (Ralph Laurens, Uniqlo)

∙ Track Records : Lead the building of a Software Platform acquiring Biometrics signals from compression shirts. This platform offered business features and Internal Company Support on 3 different technological environments (IOS , Server, Web)

∙∙ Business Level

‣ Delivered 2 commercial products
‣ Fitness App for Ralph Laurens
‣ Demonstrations on the US Open 2016 (on behalf of Ralph Laurens)
‣ Running App for women (OMRun) : Women Bras + Website and IOS app

∙∙ Organisation Level

Founder Employee leading Software Engineer teams up to 20 employees (Company up to 70 people). In a Netflix Similar Culture

‣ Structured Software Teams (Recruitment,Practices & Methodologies, Culture & Technical Landscape)
‣ Coordinated Platform Integration (Product/Hardware/Biometric Engineering/Textile Teams Deliveries)

∙∙ Technical Level

Build from scratch a Functional Reactive Software Platform (Staged-Event Driven Architecture (SEDA))

∙∙∙ Transversal Engineering Practices and Tools

‣ Functional Programming (FP)
‣ Functional Reactive Programming (FRP)
‣ Kanban : CI (Jenkins), Git, Pull Request …
‣ SEDA - CQRS - Event Sourcing - Domain Driven Design

∙∙∙ iPhone

‣ Memory Management & Battery Consumption Optimisation,
‣ App-Killed Resilience & Offline Features
‣ Biometric algorithms Integration
‣ Message Log Engine (inspired from Kafka Apache)
‣ Stack : Swift, Objective-C, ReactiveCocoa, Bluetooth/GPS/Internet/Background Mode features...

∙∙∙ Servers

‣ Implemented CQRS Sagas ("long-lived business transaction or process")
‣ Projection of read Models for Websites and Monitoring
‣ Stack : Scala, ReactiveMongo, Akka Stack, EventStore, Apache Kafka, MongoDB, Kibana ...

∙∙∙ Web Applications : JS, React, Redux...
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TouchtunesJuly 2011 - March 2012

∙ Company Description (45 millions US$ funding + IPO): TouchTunes Interactive Networks is the largest out-of-home interactive entertainment, advertising and commerce network in North America. TouchTunes provides entertainment and marketing solutions to more than 50,000 bars, restaurants, clubs, and lounges. Customers play close to 2 million songs across the network, on average, every day. TouchTunes delivered more than 900 million songs in 2011 alone.

∙ Track Records : Developed a High Volume Transactional Backend for Touchtunes Mobile Applications (Over 1 200 000 calls per day with 500 000 application downloads on Android and Apple store market)

‣ Stack : REST API, PHP,MySQL,Oracle,Sphinx(search engine), Memcache, introduced Agiles practices and methodologies (TDD,Domain-Driven Design).
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Pyxis TechnologiesMarch 2009 - June 2011

∙ Company Description : Software Company Specialized in Consulting/Training on Agile Approaches. Pyxis develops Agile tools as well and sold Green Hopper to Altassian that became part of JIRA.

∙ Track Records

‣ Team Coaching on Architecture, Test-Driven Development, Domain-Driven Design
and Object-Oriented Programming through code-reviews, pair-programming.
‣ Worked on Urban Turtle (1.5 year) : Agile Project Management Software for Microsoft TFS, Stack : C#, .NET, ASP.NET
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nouvelle MARQUEJune 2008 - September 2008

‣ Maintenance and improvement of a J2EE accounting application
‣ Portlets for Bank of Luxembourg ‘s web portal
‣ Stack: J2EE, Liferay portal, Struts2, JSF, AJAX, XML/XPATH/XSLT, CSS, HTML, JavaScript.
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IES Marseille - FranceJune 2007 - September 2007

‣ Nice Airport - Device Monitoring System
‣ Stack : SNMP .NET, C++,C#, UML, Win-forms, SNMP, Waterfall development
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ACIG, Web Agency, Bedoin (Vaucluse – France)June 2006 - September 2006

‣ Proof of concept : Web-based purchasing guide.
‣ Buzz marketing campaign.
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Synergia PolycliniqueApril 2003 - September 2003

‣ Official Marketing Website for a Private Hospital (60 doctors and 100 employees) ‣ Stack :  PHP, CSS, HTML, MySQL

Mes compétences

Open Source solutions

Liferay Portal, Kubernetes


JavaServer Faces, AJAX


Akka, REST API, WinForms, Software Architect, Software Engineering



Environment of Development


Big Data

Apache Kafka

Software testing

Test Driven Development (TDD)

Analysis methods and tools

JIRA, Kanban, Functional Programming


XML, C++, JavaScript, Haskell, Scala, XSLT, HTML, XPATH


Teamwork, Marketing, Kibana, DDD

IT Infrastructure

iOS, Git


MongoDB, CouchDB, MySQL, Oracle

Mes études et formations

Scrum Master Certified (SMC) - Pyxis Technologies2010 - 2010

French Software Engineer - Network / Web technologies & Marketing - Polytech Marseille2007 - 2009

Master, Fundamentals Mathematics & Computing - Aix-Marseille University2005 - 2007

Bsc Computing, IT management - Edinburgh Napier University2004 - 2005

Bsc Computing 1rd et 2nd year, Software Engineering - IUT d'Aix Marseille2001 - 2003