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S2SoftFebruary 2019 - Présent

S2Soft was born in 2019 from the desire to use the most advanced skills in the service of communities.

We integrate for you the most recent know-how in the fields of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence.
S2Soft offers its first product, the SSIA (Intrusion and Attack Reporting System) to guarantee the safety of children in the face of the terrorist threat.

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MDB-SCSJanuary 2010 - Présent

Leader of PikXtr@ software development. PikXtr@ is a software suite designed to optimize parts of the supply chain. More precisely, this software computes optimization on articles picking (preparation of orders). This software involves great innovative solutions to global optimization and quadratic assignment problems.
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MDB SCSJanuary 2017 - Présent

Scrum master on an innovative project dedicated to 'Multi Order Picking'
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Valid ITJanuary 2007 - May 2013

Designer of an innovative BAM (Business Activity Monitoring solution). Main architect and team leader.
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PolytechJanuary 2012 - February 2013

Substitute teacher in image processing and synthesis. I manage various student projects dealing with discrete images processing :
- shapes recognition
- fractal landscape generation
- virtual and augmented reality
- Bayer dematrixing
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ParkeonJanuary 2001 - January 2007

Design of a distributed object oriented architecture for accounting and statistics services. JNI implementation of an IO API for a magnetic card reader. MapInfo eXtrem Java integration in the custom made SOA system.

SchlumbergerSemaJanuary 2001 - January 2003

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ATLinksJanuary 2000 - January 2001

Development and integration of new software components for the 'Alcatel Web Touch' line of internet terminals :
-Design of interfaces between the display driver and the Java VM
-Implementation of the Java serial communication API/stack on our custom hardware and 'Chorus' operating system.
-Writing of integration test plans for the new embedded HTML4 Java browser (partnership with IceSoft).
-Enhancements of the windowing system (AWT) and audio stack.
-Many other enhancements on the virtual machine (JIT compiler, real time monitoring,...)
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HeildelbergJanuary 1999 - January 2000

Designer of test plan for the Eurofighter attack and defense embedded software. Tests were implemented in 68020 assembly code, on a custom distributed hardware.

Developer of the memory protection layer of the custom Operating System.
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Heliovision ProductionsJuly 1998 - August 1998

Design and implementation of a video MPEG compression library for TV and other broadcasting media. The software was developed on IRIX (Sillicon Graphics workstation) and involved advanced digital signal processing concepts (Modified discrete cosine transform and variable quantization of light properties).
Main developer of a video capture software using DirectShow filters on windows.
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Thomson CSFNovember 1997 - July 1998

Industrial partnership in the area of distributed simulation.

My team had to study a new middleware dedicated to war simulation. We elaborated a methodology to translate a monolithic architecture to HLA : a new standard from the U.S Department of Defense.

Mes compétences

Unit testing, UML, Test Planning, Team management, Subversion (svn), Software Development, Software Design, Software Architecture, Software Architect, OOP, OOD, Object Oriented Modeling, MapInfo, Machine Learning, Linux, JUnit, Java, IoT, Image Processing, HTML, Embedded Systems, Distributed Systems, Deep learning, Computer Graphics, CMS, Artificial Intelligence, Arduino, API, Agile Scrum, Adobe Photoshop