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SPHERE IT SERVICESOctober 2020 - Présent

Gone back to assist with carrying out infrastructure server migrations and decommissions, Sphere will be shutting down from March 2021

•    Decommissioned 40 servers including citrix farm and migration of an application from an old 2003 citrix farm to 2016 platform

•    Upgraded 100 vmware server hardware versions in preparation for transition to a new vxrail environment

•    Raised and managed rfc’s and communication with server / system owners

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EMPOWERED / ORDERWORKFebruary 2020 - September 2020

Ad hoc work carried out for break/fix for server/desktop hardware and onsite installations
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COREAZURESeptember 2019 - December 2019

•    P2v and v2v 30 servers using hyper v to swing server kit for a move to another office

•    Migration of 30 servers from on premise to azure, also using azure mabs backup software, intune and log analytics

•    Migration of servers using azure site replication and failover to azure, decommission of swing server kit

•    Moved 6tb of data using the azure data box disk service and azure storage explorer

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EQUINITIApril 2018 - August 2019

•    Projects completed for 3 go live infrastructure server build outs working closely with technical architects / project teams

•    Delivering on time saas implementations and migrations / various project requirements to equiniti clients

•    Building out complete ms server infrastructure for bat and prod environments and support for equniti clients

•    Client support for Kemp, 5 nine firewalls, server 2008 / 2012 /2016, vmware, hyper v, forcepoint, kemps, cerberus, citrix platforms

•    Implementation for a new ftp solution and installations for mail / firewall / rds and mfa and citrix xenapp / xenserver

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REED EXHIBITIONSOctober 2017 - March 2018

•    Patching for 800 servers to pre prod / dev / stage / test / prod environments using ivanti and wsus

•    Present changes using service now to the cab on a weekly basis for patching and remediation

•    Deploying out gpo’s, registry changes, software installs / removals, and removing obsolete software

•    Vulnerability management using qualys to map / scan / report / and carry out remediation procedures

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SPHERE IT SERVICESNovember 2016 - October 2017

•    Best practice planning for monthly patching schedule on the 170 servers for automatic and manual cycles

•    Planned for critical clinical servers that required agreed downtime and created schedule with wsus

•    Provided documentation, and created an inventory of all the discovered servers with the owners/ 3rd Parties

•    3rd line bau for 2000 plus servers across multiple domains, for physical and virtual, including appliances

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3rd line server - SUNGARD AVAILABILITY SERVICESSeptember 2016 - November 2016

Onsite at Sungard’s client’ carrying out project work in preparation for a security / infrastructure refresh programme

•    Advised, designed and implemented a wsus patching solution on a multiple domain structure

•    Created downstream wsus server replication on a clustered and a non-clustered environment

•    Reviewed current policies in macafee epo and upgraded from 4.5 to version 5.3 product suites

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DELOITTE UKFebruary 2015 - February 2016

•    Project to reduce vulnerabilities on 6000 servers, using Qualys to scan on ext (dmz) / internal ip ranges

•    Tools used for doing analysis from reports using F5 load balancers, palo alto, bluecoat, wsus

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NHS – NCL IT TransitionFebruary 2013 - October 2014

•    Recommendation and quotes on hardware and software for servers and associated equipment

•    Bau support for server NT4, 2000, 2003, 2008, exchange 2003 - 2010, bluecoat, hyperv, vmware vsphere

•    EMC celerra nas, hp eva 6110 san, networker, backupexec, xenapps, xendesktop

•    Firmware / software upgrade on nas and san environments, bluecoat software upgrade

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2E2May 2009 - February 2013

•    Day to day management of an ICT department, at the request of an interim management structure

•    Working closely with all 3 stakeholders, and building up a relationship to improve the service

•    Supporting implementation of technical infrastructure projects and programs, using best practice

•    Managed a team of up to 15, including interviewing for contractors

•    Putting in new processes and procedures, and identifying security and operational risks to the business

•    Managed tuped team of 14 after transition to 2e2 NHS clients, for network, server and desktop operations

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HERMES FUND INVESTMENTSMay 2008 - December 2008

3rd line server role, and working as a technical resource on a vmware implementation project

•    Vmware esx 3.5 builds with vmotion, with support to 8 different environments

•    Implementation of a cloud based time system, and integration of iis for single sign on

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SCCM, Networking, Firewalls, Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenApp, Nagios, VMware, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, XENApp, Azure, Azure Active Directory




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