Adil D.

Data Analyst

335 dollar

Mon expérience

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Maiton .LtdMay 2016 - March 2020


● Developing python api for graph database (titan db, neo4j)

● ETL data processing from RDBMS to Graph Databases (titandb, neo4j)

● Building data pipelines and deployment using airflow.

● Consolidation of heterogeneous data source using data virtualization

● Data Exploration/Visualization in Tableau Software

● Building a recommender Engine for books (Ghent library in belgium)

● IT Internal Audit for Maiton Suppliers

● IT Infrastructure Architecting (AWS, Azure)

● Formal detachment as a Data Scientist at ProAlliance (Maiton Client)

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InnoveosMay 2017 - January 2019


● Implementing DevOps Culture

● Leading Technical Team

● Implementing PoC of startup product

● Identify, Exploit and Integrate New technologies

● Drive the business strategy

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Business Analytic InstitueJanuary 2017 - February 2018


● Maintaining the web platform for the institute, built with nationbuilder CMS

● Implementing online payment system with stripe

● Advising the web site roadmap and content management

● Reference :

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ELBAZI.COMFebruary 2013 - November 2016

BOXX is a topical product, it belongs to the new technology trend called Internet of things ‘IoT’, it’s about digital TV Box providing a dozen of multimedia services and making access to those services intuitive and agile ensuring a best comfort to the user in his house. 

Accomplishments Designing and developing :

● Cloud-based DVR application on a TV Box ( 4 months as a trainee )

● Backends for TV content management.

● Desktop application for TV Box: Music, Video and TV Shows, Live TV, News, Apps, Games. 

● API-based Application : Yahoo, Weather Underground, Prayer, Youtube, Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy, Google API, Metadata, Wikipedia.

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ELBAZI.COMSeptember 2013 - November 2016


● Involve functional expertise in design reviews and key decisions as well as risk strategies

● Splitting projects as Agile Sprints based on specifications

● Estimating and scheduling workload (OBS and WBS matrix)

● Budgeting

● Project control

● Providing direction and technical support to the team

● Keep all team members informed of progress and issues

● Assessing results of the project, and Quality checking

● Managing and working with multiple stakeholders

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ELBAZI.COMFebruary 2013 - November 2016

Being a Cloud Computing Solutions Architect I used to develop high scalable applications and maintain high availability in production environment 


● Define, Design and Deploy Cloud-Based Architectures: Data storage, Streaming Content, Hosting Web Servers, Deploy Compute Servers, Gaming Infrastructure 

● Migrating to DevOps working Policy: Starting from versioning service, passing through Automated, Continuous Deployment ending with production monitoring and support 

● Design AWS as a broker to Implement A machine-to-machine Application (Internet Of Things technologies) 

● Monitoring Infrastructure

● Managing Budget based on ‘Pay as you Go’ policy

● Participating to online Workshops and Webinars provided by AWS

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KARWAN.TVOctober 2015 - May 2016

KARWAN TV BOX is a German OTT TV product that deliver dozens of tv channels live streaming as an IPTV service (Broadband), I was in charge of starting the project from scratch based on an existed live tv platform


● Defining business side and technical specifications.

● Designing an original ergonomic user interface.

● Designing and Developing and End-user desktop application to stream multimedia content provided by platform to an android-based TV box 

● Designing a security politic as an alternative of DRM concept.

● Developing a Backend application to manage live TV resources: channels, countries, categories, program guide, versions, streams, users. 

● Update Processing to anticipate futures changes and bugs fixing

Mes compétences


Podio, ITIL, IoT, GitHub, Social Media, Bitbucket, Technical Support, Data processing, Content Management, Twitter, API, Agile Scrum, Continuous Deployment


XML, Groovy, GraphQL, Python, HTML, Shell Unix, JavaScript, SQL, Scala

Machine Learning

Clustering, Deep learning, Regression


PostGreSQL, Neo4J, Titan, MariaDB, SQLite, MongoDB, MySQL

Environment of Development

Vagrant, GitLab



Open Source solutions


IT Infrastructure

Git, Nginx, Virtualization, Nagios, Docker, Unix, Ubuntu, Ansible



Application servers

Apache Web Server, Elastic Stack

Big Data

Data Visualization, Hadoop, Spark, Big Data

Software testing

Functional testing


REST, Laravel, Django, Node.js


Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, IPTV, FFMPEG

Business Intelligence

ETL, Business Intelligence, Tableau Software



Analysis methods and tools

Kanban, DevOps, JIRA, Microservices


Trello, Integration, Pandas, RabbitMQ, MapReduce, Machine Learning, HDFS, AWS, NumPy, ElasticSearch, Jboss

Mes études et formations

Certifications - --2015 - 2016

Computer Science Engineering - The Moroccan Telecommunications Graduate Institute2010 - 2013

Preparation in mathematics and physics for entrance to Moroccan and French Engineering schools - CPGE TAZA2008 - 2010

Mathematics Science Baccalaureate Grades - Abi Yaacoub El Badissi2006 - 2008