Madhu S.


4 ans
Bangalore, INDIA

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Apsolut SoftwareMay 2018 - Présent


This project was based on K Means Clustering Algorithm in which we have the dataset having companies' details like Id, CFO/CIO name, contact numbers, Expected Annual turnover, and their annual spending score. And they want us to analyze the data and wants us to categorize the companies based on their spending score, the companies have more spending score in one cluster, medium spending score in other cluster and low spending score in other cluster with respect to their expected turnover.


* Involved in client requirement gathering, solution designing, and development and providing demo to the client leadership teams.

* Involved in data collection, data cleansing, feature engineering, model selection, training, testing, deployment

* Also involved in business meetings as part of daily connect.

* Involved in handling categorical variables, Missing values in datasets etc.

* Created model using K Means Clustering and ed it to the client.

Project name: Demand forecasting (Time series analysis)

Mes compétences

Tableau, Machine Learning, Debugging, Data processing, Analytics