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FPT SoftwareMay 2015 - Présent

Roles: Solution Architect, Data Analyst, Big Data Developer, Java Developer


* Consult solutions, design and implementation for various projects related to Java, Big Data and Cloud computing.

* Put hand-on to develop, test, deploy and maintain various project as a developer in Java, Cloudera
Hadoop, Amazon Web Service.

* Analyze user data to build models and clusters, classify and predict by using R.

* Prepare and review documents and ation to support the sale team in the bidding phase.

* Train and share knowledge and best practices for colleagues to improve their skills and experiences.

* Advise the Director, CTO and HR Manager the new trends of technologies in Big Data and Cloud.
Technologies: Cloudera Hadoop Ecosystem, R, Amazon Web Service, Scala, Java, Spring Core, Spring
AOP, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Hibernate Validator, .
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Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaOctober 2014 - Présent

Roles: Data Analyst, Software Engineer

Description: Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is one of the biggest banks in Australia and we have various branches all over the wall. In South Asia, we have markets in Indonesia, Hong Kong, China... The managers want to bring a better, faster, more convenient and reliable environment and communication channels to the bank customers. The AMB project is the approach to make this happen with a huge architecture and infrastructure as well as designed and optimized solutions. The project focuses on the Indonesia and Vietnam market with different mobile applications to allow customers borrow money, manage cash flow (both income and outcome), control the work flow and easily communicate with the banks. Mobile applications and desktop web-sites have been developed and launched for Android and iOS platforms as the front-end layer. At the back-end layers, we use big data technologies as the storage layer to support for extract, transform and load huge and massive data. We have built statistic models, predictive models and business models to verify and improve the businesses.

* Study the system design and architecture to build ideas and improve them.

* Optimize and document the data schema for mobile applications.

* Study from the agency team and marketing team to understand the banking businesses in different markets.

* Join the data scientist team to build verification models, income models, risk models.

* Analyze the raw data from customers and system

* Build Java RESTful clients to test, analyze and verify the quality of an external system.

* Transform and simulate data, build, optimize and verify predictive models by using Caret package in R.

* Make cohort reports (user sessions, user retentions) and weekly reports (users, sessions, screen time average, ...) for business managers by using Google Analytic.
Technologies: R, J2SE, J2EE, Restful web services, Microsoft SQL Server, Google Analytic, Hadoop.

Tools: Eclipse, R Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Excel 2010.
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Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaOctober 2014 - May 2015

AOP, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Hibernate Validator, .

Roles: Data Analyst, Big Data Developer


* Understood mobile banking applications of the bank and the data flow as well as data structures.

* Analyzed and building income models for bank customers based on statistics, data mining and clustering algorithms and techniques from the raw data.

* Researched and building predictive models based on predictive strategies and techniques.

* Performeddata cleansing and quantitative processes on the customer data.

* Built Web Service Client to acquire data from the system.

* Designed, Optimized and Documented database schemas for mobile application.
Technologies: R, R Studio, Caret Package, Java, RESTful Web Service, Eclipse, MS Studio 2010, SQL
Server 2010.
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Cloud Recommendations ServicesDecember 2013 - October 2014

Description: DirecTV is the biggest customer in US of FSoft. They need to develop, maintain and deploy various types of projects and services. We aim to work with the Architect team of the customer so in DirecTV ODC, we have an architect team to work parallel, discuss and analyze problems based on the requests from their team. I have been joining and working as a software architect. Moreover, I have joined the CRS project which builds a recommendation system for end users of DTV. The project uses Java technologies (J2SE and J2EE), big data, both relation and NoSQL databases, python...


* Studied and understood the business domain and the context of the project by communicating with customers.

* Designed the data flows, business flows for sub components at the high level.

* Defined the implementation steps, decided the technologies to use, made the detailed design for coding.

* Made daily meetings with the customers and team members everyday to sync up work done.

* Wrote scripts using Hive, Pig, Python, Java to import, export, extract, clean, normalize, cluster and combine data into HDFS, HBASE or AWS Storages.

* Studied, deployed, used and KT Flume, Storm, Zookeeper, Oozie, Junit, MRUnit, HFile, R Revolution technologies.

* Review the Java web services' design, source code, unit tests and coding quality.

* Tuned the scripts, source code to increate the performance.

* Managed the tasks progress and kept them as planned.

* Managed JIRA tasks of the team and made the reports for customers.

* Built and deployed management tools as Jenkins, Sonar.

* Interviewed and trained Java and big data developers.
Technologies: J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Hadoop Cloudera, HBase, Hive, Pig, HFile, Storm, Flume, Zookeeper, Oozie, MongoDB, CouchBase, Junit, MRUnit Jenkins, Ant, Maven, Oracle, MySQL, Log4j.

Tools: Eclipse, Cloudera, Jenkins, Sonar, SVN, Jira.
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FPT SoftwareSeptember 2013 - December 2013

Customer Relationship Management, FPT Software, Roles: Software Architect/Java Developer.

Descrition: Starhub is a big telecom company in Singapore having huge services and products for subscribers and users from mobile, TV, Internet and so on. The core system uses Oracle Technologies as Weblogic Platform, Siebel (CRM, EAI). The architecture of the system is very complex with various business and technical components such IOM, EAI, SPL, BSCS, Customer care... FPT Asia Software
aims to be a big vendor of Starhub to help them to maintain the existing system as well as develop new functions for new services and requirements.


* Analyzed the architecture (components, data flows, business processes, integration points...) of the legacy system at Starhub.

* Documented the architecture in details and concise (software architecture, database designs, process diagrams, functional diagrams...).

* Trained and discussed with team members of FPT to have a big picture as well as the detailed views of the system every day.

* Developed new tasks and debugged issues from the production defects using Web Logic Platform, JPD, xQuery...

* Worked with the development teams in different layers and components of Starhub to analyze and fix the problems; improve working environment; transfer knowledge...
Technologies: J2EE, Weblogic Platform 9.2, Weblogic Server, Junit, JPD, xQuery, Jenkins, Ant, Maven, Oracle, Log4j, Oracle Siebel.
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EVNJune 2013 - September 2013

Tools: Eclipse, Serena Business Management, Serena Dimension, SQL Developer.

EVN , FPT Software,
Roles: Solution Architect for EVN Projects.
Location: Germany

Description: Our customers want to build up a system including many components which are both internal and external. The main part of this system is a intranet to manage documentation, news, blog, social office and so on. The system is also integrated with exchange systems, SMS gateway, information management system and many more. Besides, the current system is distributed in many places with separated database servers. One requirement is to design and migrate all of them into on in the new system.


* Translated the customer requirements and proposal architecture to technical specifications.

* Proposed solution/architecture for the system after understanding the system.

* Compared and ed similar technologies and open sources for customers.

* Designed software solution, performed detail design.

* Developed and Tested the demo programs as Technical Architect
Technologies: J2EE, Jboss 6, Liferay 6, EJB 3, Alfresco, jBPM 5, Oracle 11g, Jasper.

Tools: Eclipse, Subversion, Maven, SQL Developer, Visio 2010, Visual Paradigm.
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SWC LabJune 2012 - May 2013


* Analyzed and Designed the architecture of the whole system as a member of the technical solution team.

* Designed, developed and tested new mapping mechanisms for graph databases but not limited type of databases.

* Developed Eclipse plug-ins to integrate into the system as available utilities for the users.

* Deployed the testing server and performed Unit and Automation Testing.
Technologies: Java SE 6, Eclipse RCP, EMF, Spring, Maven, Oracle, MySQL, Neo4j, Tinker Graph, Blueprints Graph, Rexster Server, Jenkins, Sonar, Junit.

Tools: Eclipse, yEd, Visio, TeXlipse, MySQL Server and MySQL Workbence, SVN, Github.
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MoCCAJune 2012 - March 2013

Roles: Team Leader, Developer for MoCCa Projects.
Location: Germany

Description: MoCCa was a project which had been running as the co-work between SWC research lab in Germany and its two partner companies. The expected product is a Recommendation System Editor for UML diagrams which based on various Eclipse technologies and plug-ins. It also allows users to validate and evaluate the diagrams. Besides, the databases in back-ends do not depend on the client side because we aim to support them almost types of databases, including relational and graph databases. We had success in design, development and deployment new mapping mechanisms for graph databases. We approached the project with TDD.


* Studied the architecture of the recommendation system which had been built in two years with four big components.

* Designed the architecture and data flows for the storage layer at the backend of the system.

* Studied the EMF framework.

* Implemented and deployed Eclipse plugins on the projects, controlled the dependencies and repositories.

* Designed the mechanism and implemented the graph mapping object to use NoSQL databases.

* Managed tasks and work done of the team.

* Discussed the best practices and new technologies every Friday to improve knowledge and experiences.
Technologies: Java SE 6, Eclipse RCP, EMF, Spring, Maven, Oracle, MySQL, Neo4j, Tinker Graph, Blueprints Graph, Rexster Server, Jenkins, Sonar, Junit.

Tools: Eclipse, yEd, Visio, TeXlipse, MySQL Server and MySQL Workbence, SVN, Github.
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Viettel TelecomFebruary 2010 - July 2010

Description: Viettel has been the biggest telecommunication corporation in Vietnam having more than
170 millions of subscribers. They had hundreds applications, services and servers running 24/7 to serve subscribers with billions of transactions per week. The huge number of applications, services and servers required a large number of operators, administrators to review, check, manage, and fix errors.
Those errors should be warned and notified as soon as possible because they could affect to millions of subscribers. Therefore, the corporation had several centers which their employees stayed and managed the system 24/7.

We performed this project to reduce workforce, time and cost consuming on the system administration activities.


* Gathered the requirements from end users, created the SRS documents.

* Designed the architectures of the system by using OSGi to make it more flexible, extendable.

* Designed the coding skeleton, database schemas and data flows.

* Implemented the components by using Hibernate, JSP, Servlet, Spring, OSGi.

* Deployed the projects on WebLogic by using built tools as Maven and Ant.

* Controlled and handled the exception handling by implementing logging mechanism with Log4j.

* Controlled the quality and limited risks by implementing JUnit for unit testing.

* Managed the tasks and work done.

* Controlled the progress of the project as planned.
Technologies: Java SE 6, JSP, Servlet, J2EE, Spring 2.5 (Core, AOP...), Hibernate, OSGi, WebLogic, Oracle, Maven, Ant, Log4j, Junit 4.

Tools: Netbeans, SQL Developer, Visio, Enterprise Architecture, StarTeam, Mantis, Ms. Project.

FE (Japan)January 2007 - January 2007

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Zookeeper, Xquery, XML, Web Services, Unit testing, Ubuntu, System Design, System administration, Storm, StarTeam, SQL Developer, SQL, Spring MVC, Sonar, Software Engineering, Software Development, Software Architect, Siebel, Scala, RESTful, OSGi, Oracle Weblogic, Oracle CRM, Oracle 11g, Oracle, Oozie, NoSQL, NetBeans, MySQL, MongoDB, Mockito, Middleware, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, MapReduce, Mantis, Log4j, Linux Red Hat, Linux, JUnit, Jenkins, jBPM, JBoss, JavaScript, Java, iOS, IntelliJ Idea, HSQLDB, Hibernate, HDFS, Hadoop, GitHub, ETL, Eclipse IDE, EasyMock, Design Patterns, Database Administration, Data Mining, Customer relationship management, Customer Care, CSV, Couchbase, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Apache Web Server, Apache Maven, Ant, Android, Analytics, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alfresco, Agile Methodology