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LatakiaDecember 2017 - April 2022

IT Manager

* (+971) 522747687 General Organization Of Syrians Tobacco

* Management of The informatics department that includes the following sections:(software and information systems ,computers ,copier and printers maintenance,network management ,monitoring and cameras ,telephone exchanges and communications and their maintenance and two warehouses (new materials , damaged materials))

* Guided organizational technology strategy and roadmaps.

* Partnered with project team members to identify and quickly address problems.

* Achieving remarkable progress in the department's
management and increasing employee productivity by more than 70% .

* Oversaw IT department operations and training.

* Updated senior leaders on progress and roadblocks.

* Conferred with executives to advise .and plan for short-term and long-term IT system upgrade needs

* Demonstrated familiarity with latest hardware, software and networking technology.

* Customized and repaired technology based on staff requests.

* Managed network and system performance, conducting troubleshooting, security patching and maintenance.

* Coordination with more than 13 different departments such as the financial department, the commercial department, the agricultural department, the marketing department, etc.... and addressing the problems and technical difficulties they face.
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LatakiaMay 2015 - November 2017

Sam Abd-Allah trading CO.

* Programming and development of company applications.

* maintenance of operating systems, computers , printers and LAN.

* Supervising the company's pages on social media platforms .

* Correspond with companies and submit offers for shipping, import and export.

* Managed backup and recovery of data assets to safeguard system availability.

* Prepared new computers and mobile devices according to internal policies on standardized software and security deployments.

* Assigned system permissions and set up computers to assist with onboarding new employees.

* Explained security measures in simple terminology to help users understand malware and phishing threats.
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LatakiaFebruary 2013 - February 2013

General Organization Of Syrians Tobacco

* Answered questions and provided information to clients about new software or hardware over 30 calls per day.

* Maintenance of computers, printers and local network ,In addition to solving software problems ,And install the
company's own software, backup the database, and manage the local network

* Complete the .assigned tasks with a success rate of more than 90%.

* Data Analysis by UML tools for software department

* WINDOWS SERVER Administration Active Directory ,Roles.....etc

Mes compétences

Windows Server, Troubleshooting, Teamwork, Team management, Social Media, Big Data, Azure, Active Directory