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HuaweiMarch 2020 - September 2020

Adaptive Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Algorithm for Telecom Core Networks Data
The objective of this project is to develop efficient machine learning algorithm for detecting anomalies in telecom core networks KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
Tasks :

- In-depth study and detailed comparison of anomaly detection state of the art algorithms.

- Data analytics tool development to visualize, analyse and annotate times series data.

- Exploratory data analysis of different available datasets (public and private datasets).

- Implementation and experimentation of different AD algorithms : Spectral residual, CNN, Extreme value theory, Exponential smoothing, moving average, etc.

- Experiment the robustness of different approaches against Concept Drift.

- The design of an adaptive and unsupervised anomaly detection pipeline.

- Evaluation of different algorithms on 4 Huawei’s datasets (3 log datasets and 1 KPI dataset) and 1 open dataset.

Keywords: Machine learning, Time series, Anomaly detection, Python

Technical environment: Python, sickit-learn, pandas, numpy, plotly, bokeh
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Opta-LPJanuary 2019 - July 2019

Emergency department Visit Forecasting
- E-health system design that helps patients choose the optimal hospital based on travel and forecasted waiting time.

- In-depth study of demand forecasting state of the art algorithms.

- Patients arrivals data extraction and pre-processing.

- Implementation and experimentation of different forecasting algorithms: Box & Jenkins methods ( ARIMA, SARIMA, SARIMAX), Exponential moving average, etc.

- Android mobile app development.

- Web Service Rest API and Web app for data visualization development

Keywords: Machine learning, Time series, Demand forecasting, Python, Java

Technical environment: Python ( Statsmodel, pandas, Nympy, Scikit-Learn, matplotlib ), JAVA EE (Spring boot, Spring Security..), Postgres
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Gen-42August 2017 - September 2017

Android Mobile Application Development

Data migration MySQL and JavaEE API Rest and Android App development

Mes compétences

Web Services, Trello, TensorFlow, Teamwork, Subversion (svn), SQL Developer, SQL, Spark, Slack, Research, Python, Project Management, Problem Solving, PostgreSQL, Pandas, NumPy, Neural networks, MySQL, MongoDB, MapReduce, Machine Learning, Keras, Jenkins, Java, Git, Deep learning, Data Science, Data Migration, C/C++, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Android, Analytics, Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Algorithms, Agile Scrum