David E.

Data Scientist

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SicaraNovember 2020 - Présent

  • Sicara develops customers data strategy. It help them define and implement the best architecture for their transformation and storage pipelines. For instance, Sicara sets up ETLs for a DataLake and thus centralize the data.
  • Data Engineering: Full data engineering pipeline development with datalake building for data scientists. Handling DevOps tasks.
  • Data Science: Writing of several articles on sicara's blog. Few-shots learning pipeline development
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TheraPanaceaApril 2020 - October 2020

  • TheraPanacea is a highly ambitious artificial intelligence-powered French spinoff medical technology company exploiting state-of-the-art research technology with origins from Ecole CentraleSupelec, Inria and Gustave Roussy Institute. TheraPanacea brings to the radiation therapy market the latest inter-disciplinary technological advances from the associated research laboratories.
  • Developed custom registration model (rigid and deformable) to perform 3D volumes segmentation by registering them onto some atlases and using ensembling techniques - Reaching 80% dice score on small organs (parotid and eye).
  • Benchmarking registration pipelines: VoxelMorph, LT-Net
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YoobicSeptember 2018 - August 2019

  • Yoobic is a mobile productivity solution helping brands communicate more effectively with retail stores in order to improve the in-store shopping experience and increase revenue.
  • Object detection: Detection of multiple small objects, physically close on an image,on retail stores images - Faster RCNN algorithm reaching 95% mAP
  • Segmentation: Shelves Detection on retail stores images - U-Net algorithm reaching 98% accuracy
  • One shot learning: Image classification using one image per category - Triplet Network reaching 90% accuracy at inference time
  • Image processing: Perspective correction and image stitching algorithms
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RATP GroupJanuary 2018 - July 2018

  • State-owned public transport operator in Paris
  • Development of a software for anomaly detection from given daily logs on a subway line
  • Unsupervised pattern recognition in unstructured log-data
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InterimCoApril 2018 - May 2018

  • French interim employment agency
  • Development of a recruitment chatbot that pre-qualifies candidates using Messenger
  • Development of an admin dashboard to follow and control chatbot's actions
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AccorFebruary 2018 - April 2018

  • Worldwide leader in Hospitality and services – Over 250.000 women and men in nearly 4200 AccorHotels addresses look after thousands of guests every day in 95 countries
  • Design and development of an IoT security device from scratch, to protect staff from sexual harassment in hotels
  • Sending and backing up warnings and alerts when the staff member notifies a danger
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Le Silence Des JustesNovember 2017 - February 2018

  • Le Silence Des Justes is a non-profit organization that helps children with autism.
  • Development of a mobile application for the collection of donations.
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ConduiteCenterJanuary 2017 - January 2018

  • Full stack development of the website http://my.conduitecenter.fr for the ConduiteCenter company, the online driving School.
  • Scheduling courses - Online payments - Automatic invoices and contracts
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Valeo GroupJune 2017 - July 2017

  • Valeo is a multinational automotive supplier providing a wide range of products to auto manufacturers and after markets.
  • Focus adjustment algorithm on infrared camera
  • Development of an embedded facial recognition algorithm

Mes compétences

Open Source solutions



OpenCV, Node.js


React Native

Machine Learning

TensorFlow, PyTorch, Deep learning


Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Project Management, Slack, Functional Analysis

IT Infrastructure

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Docker, Git, Terraform


MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL


React.js, Flask, AWS, Trello, Software Development, NumPy, ElasticSearch, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Twitter bootstrap, Web development, Pandas


Image Processing

Big Data

Hadoop, Blockchain, Big Data


C/C++, Java, HTML5, SQL, Python, JavaScript, PHP, CSS

Mes études et formations

TensorFlow Developer Certificate - -

Certifications - Coursera

M.Sc., Artificial Intelligence - CentraleSupelec2016 - 2020