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Bangalore, INDIA

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Ambertag Analytics Pvt LtdJune 2018 - October 2018

Tools: Excel, RStudio, Python, Tableau.
Logistics Sales Data:

* Exploratory Data Analysis
Data Visualization using Tableau, Power BI and RStudio.
Understand LOB types with Newly Derived Features.

* Data Preparation using RStudio
Data Cleaning
Missing Value Treatments - Imputation Methods like KNN, Mean, Mode etc

* Predictive Model using RStudio for Profit & Loss for all LOBs
Decision Tree - Random Forest Model (1- Profit & 0 - Loss)
Lift Chart for Model Performance Evaluation.

* Result Interpretation to Client.
Time Series Forecasting of Energy Export from SRTPV System to Pooling Substation:

* Load Balancing at the Pooling Substation of Electricity Distribution Companies.

* Scheduling and Forecasting of Energy Export (One Day Ahead) and reporting to SLDC.

* Forecasting of SRTPV Power along with the influence of Weather Parameters.

* Automation for reporting of Forecasted SRTPV Generated Power to Client Data Structure:

* Solar Power Generation Data Fetch from Client's FTP.
Automated this Process using Python

Data Preparation
Missing Values Treatment by Interpolation and Extrapolation
Imputation using Mean & Mode.

* Weather Parameters as Exogenous Variables
Temperature, Solar Radiation (W/m2), Wind Speed, Wind Direction.

* Forecasting Models - ARIMA, Neural Networks.

* Other Models: KNN, Random Forest with External Regressors (Weather Conditions)

* Automated Reporting Process to Client in Python.
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REC Power Distribution Company LimitedNovember 2013 - October 2017

Company: REC Power Distribution Company Limited, Job Profile: Team Coordinator.
Designation: Electrical Site Engineer

* Project planning & Execution

* DPR Preparation (RGGVY & DDUGJY): Worked as a Team Leader in districts for better quality of Survey and collection of data from the Habitations.
Feeding the Village data to the Portal with all the back bone of the Electrical

* Carried Third Party Inspection for RGGVY Project in Maharashtra.
Check the BoQ with the newly created infrastructure for better quality of

Mes compétences

Tableau, R Language, Python, Neural networks, MySQL, Microsoft Excel, Machine Learning, Logical Data Modeling, Load Balancing, FTP, Data Visualization, AutoCAD, Analytics