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XECOApril 2018 - September 2019

Worked on more advanced deep lerning architecture like:
Convolutional neural network, RNN, LSTM, BI-LSTM, GRU, NLP, Yolo3, Tacotron, deepvoice3, deepspeech3.

1. Text to speech for indian and English languages. 
2. Speech recognition with pronunciation score.
3. Voice chatbot
4. Voice cloning
5. speaker identification
6. Face recognition for smart door locks and staff attendance
7. Review analysis

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Ohum healthcare solutionNovember 2017 - April 2018

Worked on Data Science, Machine learning,
Other natural language processing, Image processing. 


1. Hospital patient's readmission risk prediction: Used Machine learning classification algorithms such as random forest, logistic regression, svm using python.
2. Breast cancer image classification: Developed end-to-end Deep learning CNN model for classification using Tensorflow.
3. Disease prediction based on symptoms: Developed end-to-end predictive model using multi label classification in python.
4. Hypoglycemia prediction: developed model using kalman filter and Time series analysis. 
5. Hospital review analysis: Used sentiment and emotion analysis on scrapped data from all the social media. 

Mes compétences


Python, SQL

Business Intelligence


Machine Learning

Neural networks, TensorFlow, PyTorch


Artificial Intelligence, GitHub, Speech API, Data analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Twitter, Data Science, Social Media


Image Processing


Machine Learning, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

IT Infrastructure



Data Scientist, statistical analysis, Natural Language Processing, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, SAS System > SAS Statistical Package, Minitab, Lead Data Scientist, Sentiment Analysis, Masters Degree > Master of Science > Master of Science Statistics, Python Programming, Bachelors Degree > Bachelor of Science > Bachelor of Science Statistics, Voice Assistance, Data Science Trainer, Indian > Marathi, industry~science, Indian > Hindi, Data Science-Intern, Co-Founder, speech recognition, tableau, English