Kalyan Chakravarthy T.


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Mon expérience

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Beyond Soft SolutionsMay 2019 - November 2020

* Gained deep knowledge of Data Preprocessing and analysis of datasets along with Real-Time Prediction Applications which is focused on dif-
ferent types Machine Learning models Deployment with the End to End application.

* Propose and implement creative, efficient solutions for estimating on future strategies, and contribute to expanding our intellectual property portfolio

* Develop algorithms, train, deploy ML models for future predication's e.g. Forecasting, Classification, Regression, Segmentation, etc

* In Addition, REST API was developing for Backend Web Application.
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DataCamp.comNovember 2019 - December 2019

* Outcome With expertise in Machine Learning concepts. Along with data preprocessing to make dataset for ML Models .

* Improved on problem statement analysis for to suitable Machine Learning models

* In addition to that, accuracy improvements techniques are learned

Mes compétences

Ubuntu, Tableau, SQL, Simulink, REST API, QlikView, Python, PyCharm, Pandas, OpenCV, NumPy, Node.js, Neural networks, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Matlab, Machine Learning, JavaScript, Java, Hadoop, Data Science, Data Mining, Data analysis, Cloud Computing, C++, Big Data, Apache Kafka, Analytics, Amazon Web Services