Andrei S.

Data Scientist

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FactmataOctober 2017 - March 2018

Collaborated with Factmata team and associated professors (Sebastian Riedel from UCL and Andreas
Vlachos from Cambridge) on researching new Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning

techniques for detecting Fake News, Political bias, Hate-speech, Racism, Sexism and Terrorism.
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AmazonSeptember 2013 - June 2016

Robot Detection Research Team
Mix between Machine Learning and Software Development Engineering. Main target is to design and implement engineering& data science solutions on defined business problems affecting availability, data protection and security of Amazon public websites, as well as research, develop and integrate new methods to improve automated machine learning ability and quality of the Amazon Automatic Robot Detection services. Make them faster, smarter and more adaptable to changes in robotic and human behaviour.
I use Machine Learning techniques to make software systems learn fast and become better than we humans could do on discriminating between robotic and customer web service requests.Robot Detection Team.
Processing big data-sets of website traffic in order to detect various types of robots crawling Amazons customer-facing websites. By categorizing hits, we enable other teams to improve their services availability, gather better business metrics and provide the best experience to both customers and robots.
Loving sophisticated algorithms and mathematical precision, but at the same time enjoying implementing real large-scale distributed systems, I am responsible for implementing state-of-the-art tools and scalable distributed systems to automatically process, analyze and classify billions of hits per day using parallel algorithms on top of Amazon Web Services cloud-computing infrastructure.

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AIDevelSeptember 2012 - September 2013

Assure the successful execution of the company’s business mission through development and deployment of the company’s projects within two company development offices from Romania,
collaborate with the potential customers to develop use cases and specifications that describe the implementation of the company’s services, select and manage company staff or outsourced vendors, establish and supervise the software development process, setting short-term objectives and assessing progress as defined by the selected software development methodology, conduct code reviews and specification conformance testing as defined by the selected software development methodology, establish and supervise a quality assurance process, including integration and system testing, establish an application deployment process, maintain up-to-date knowledge of technology standards, industry trends, emerging technologies, and software development best practices by attending relevant conferences and reading widely, share knowledge, mentor, and educate the organization’s management, staff, partners, customers with regard to the company’s technological vision, opportunities, and challenges,
supervise recruitment, training, retention, and organization of all development staff in accordance with the company hiring process, and budget requirements,
as well as actively participate at research of new technologies in AI area.
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Mauve AG, AustriaFebruary 2012 - September 2012

Developing automatic trading system, trading simulator for “backtesting”/evaluating profitability of
trading algorithms. Modeling and developing machine learning algorithms to predict stock exchange
price fluctuations and intelligent robots trading real money in real time.

Got really great experience with stock exchange, trading systems&platforms.
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Researching and applying Natural Language Processing techniques to extract various information
from text and use that data to train grading robots using supervised machine learning algorithms to

achieve better results in paper grading.

ElanceJanuary 2011 - November 2011

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BitdefenderMarch 2005 - January 2011

Main responsibilities and activities: malware analysis, development of detection methods, prevention and cleaning of active malware, elimination of malware from networks and systems of company clients.
Creating and testing of detection and disinfection solutions against different types of malware using heuristic and machine learning techniques.
Developing software tools and building distributed systems for automatic malware analysis and log processing.

Mes compétences


ElasticSearch, AWS, Machine Learning

Big Data

Spark, Hadoop, Big Data

Machine Learning

Deep learning


C/C++, SQL, Java, Java Core, Python


Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Science

Mes études et formations

Bachelor of Science (BSc) - Computer Science - "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi2004 - 2008