Yassine H.

Data Scientist

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ALPHA10XAugust 2020 - March 2021

• Implemented various time series techniques to forecast technology popularity and
investment volume.
• Cleaned, aggregated & ingested a huge volume of data to build a knowledge graph as a tool
to facilitate the investment process in CleanTech & DeepTech.
• Built & deployed a machine learning pipeline to measure the viability of early stage
startups (91% accuracy/Harmony).
• Finetuned & deployed a Sent Bert model to measure similarity between various textual
contents (NLP).
• Built & deployed various web APIs to execute previously trained models.
• Regularly presented projects & results to stakeholders (team, partners & investors).
(Spark, Prophet, Sckit-Learn, BERT, Azure ML, Azure DevOps, Databricks, CosmosDB, Graph)
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ANDEXOctober 2019 - December 2019

• Built an NLP module that extracts the important information from job offers (Type,
Contract, Mission, Location...) .
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FederysAugust 2019 - September 2019

• Built a speech Recognition System to detect french in a noisy, multi-cultural environment
with less than 20% loss.

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Machine Learning

Deep learning


Natural Language Processing (NLP)


Web API, Machine Learning

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