Jeffrey C.

Data Scientist

460 dollar
18 ans
Los Angeles, ÉTATS-UNIS

Mon expérience

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Insight Data ScienceJanuary 2020 - Présent

Developed for Dost Education a Hindi-voicemail model to identify valuable voicemails and speaker demographics.
{ Applied decibel and audio-pitch analysis to remove sections of only silence or background noise from voicemails.
{ Characterized and engineered voice-pitch features from each voicemail with Python programs.
{ Applied a MLP to identify valid voicemails, speaker’s gender, and the highest-quality voicemails, which are then prepped
and fed to Google Speech API to transcribe/translate into Hindi/English, cutting manual voicemail work by > 80%. 
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Johns Hopkins UniversityAugust 2013 - December 2019

Led a project that improved our understanding of rotation, convection, and mass loss in stars.
{ Automated and improved star-cluster age analysis through weighted fits of models to observations using my C programs.
{ Used Python’s HDBSCAN clustering algorithm to efficiently identify star clusters and a star’s membership probability.
This used 5 features acquired using either API or SQL calls to a 550 GB database. [GitHub]
{ Applied Monte-Carlo simulations to discover novel ways to directly observe the effects of a star’s rotation and convection.
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Universidad de ConcepciónSeptember 2011 - July 2013

Led the development of data analysis techniques to detect and synthesize patterns in star-cluster data.
{ Increased this project’s observational efficiency by a factor of 4 by developing and validating new techniques.
{ Connected photometric and spectroscopic star-cluster features into a unified model using my synthesis techniques. 
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Indiana University BloomingtonSeptember 2003 - August 2011

Led a project that improved our understanding of the evolution of element abundances in our Galaxy.
{ Improved accuracy and efficiency of spectroscopic iron abundance analysis of stars with my programs in C.
{ Statistically analyzed 2D and 3D observational correlations to better understand complicated stellar parameters. 

Mes compétences



IT Infrastructure

Linux, OS X


Machine Learning, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib


Algorithms, Leadership, RNN

Big Data

Data Visualization


Signal Processing, EXCEL

Machine Learning

Clustering, Scikit-Learn, Keras, Regression


Fortran, Bash scripting, Python 3.5, LaTeX, SQL, Java, C

Mes études et formations

Ph.D. - Astronomy - Indiana University2011

Bachelors of Science - Physics and Astronomy - University of Rochester1999 - 2003