Ovidiu E.

Database Developer

500 dollar

Mon expérience

3Pillar Global RomaniaNovember 2017 - Présent

Ness Digital EngineeringNovember 2016 - October 2017

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Economic Data SystemNovember 2011 - November 2016

* I was offered this job as a natural extension of what I had been doing for the prior few years and to technically sustain the company's presence in the Moldova area with two new contracts that were scheduled for implementation and needed out-of-the-box experience. One was demanding from the people point of view and the other complex from the technical aspect but I managed to deliver and keep them satisfied.
* I took the challenge of developing the ERP line from purchasing materials through manufacturing up to selling the products, to support different ad-hoc measurement units for EL-CAR client. Although difficult and tedious (both from people and technical perspective) I succeeded in such a way that they referenced us to another larger client, MIS-Grup.
* For MIS-Grup client I contributed, among other things, with a fast and reliable solution for online transactions.

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, IIS, ASP.NET,C#, SQL Server, Reporting Services, Report Builder, Power BI, Excel 2013;
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(self employed)November 2009 - October 2011

• Entered the parental leave; I’ve done technical support and added features for the software I

previously developed.
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Infosoft GroupDecember 2004 - October 2009

* I was brought on board to be the single tech guy to manage their first big customer in Iasi: Salubris. Pleased by our work they referenced us to Electron Mbit, another services company, for which I developed their billing process.
* I was assigned the project of developing a new ERP Application for the production area of milk products suppliers. Through buying this application the customers were drawn to take the whole ERP. Our first client for the application, Carmo-Lact Prod , drew in through referral many others that gave work to the company to sustain itself in financial crisis: Romfulda Prod
Unicarm , Lech-Lacto, Brado-Lact, etc.;

Tools: eDeveloper - a Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework by
MSE - www.magicsoftware.com,
Visual Studio 2005 - ASP.NET, C #; SQL Server 2000/2005; T-SQL, Query
Analyzer; ETL from XLS and CSV with DTSC; SQL Backups and Restores;
Merge and Snapshot Replications; SQL Agent Jobs;
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FreelanceAugust 2003 - November 2004

Responsibilities: I took care of all phases of the development cycle including marketing of my own
software products

Tools: Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9
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Concept UnicSeptember 2002 - July 2003

Responsibilities: Installation, configuration and maintenance of computer and network systems.

Tools: Windows server console, PC operating systems, networks configurations (hardware & software);

Mes compétences

Business Intelligence

Report Builder, ETL

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel


Technical certificate, Romanian, English, C Programming Language, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft C-SHARP, Microsoft ASP.NET, Analyst/Programmer, Rapid Application Development RAD, Enterprise Resource Planning, PC Hardware, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Technical Support Engineer, Computer Science, operating systems, Query, Italian, Installation, IT Consultant, configuration, Database design and development, Senior Database Developer, Database Administrator, Business Intelligence Developer, database development, Microsoft Transact-SQL, box experience, manage their first big customer, done technical support, maintenance of computer and network systems, Business Intelligence Development, intense development, Database Design > Database Development, Assistant Analyst Developer, Computer Network Administrator, Senior SQL Developer


Visual FoxPro, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Database Administration




Troubleshooting, Database Design


IIS, Implementation



Environment of Development

Visual Studio


JavaScript, SQL, ASP.NET, C#

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Windows Server, Microsoft Windows Server

Mes études et formations

Computer Science - "Alexandru Ioan Cuza'' University of Iasi2002 - 2008

Assistant analyst developer - Computer Science High School1998 - 2002