Mihai M.


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8 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA

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AltenSeptember 2016 - Présent

Oracle Engineer.
I. IT and INFRA IT Specialist.
- Managing and providing support for manufacturing applications and customers.
- Providing support for the computer system, analyzing and solving incidents.
- Collecting and analyzing, solving problems, analyzing errors, preventing and resolving errors.
- Implementing decisions, consulting and training staff to operate IT systems and applications on production.
- Coordinating support activities for production systems to maintain the good functioning of IT systems.

II. Project Manager.
- Development of the computer architecture based on the technical specifications.
- Development and implementation of the script on the test environment and also on the production environment, as well with integrating the solution into the existing applications.
- Testing the technical solution and optimizing it.
- Reconciling and resolving any errors. Winner of the prize "Best Project of the Year" - "Danube - Best Project of the Year".

Technical environment: SQL, PL / SQL, T-SQL, Linux, AIX, Microsoft SQL Server, ETL, ODI.
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Veneto BancaNovember 2014 - September 2016

Database Administrator.
- Maintenance for the software’s users, developing reports and applications for business processes.
- Performing and being responsible for end of Day/Month process in CoreBanking applications.
- Optimizing, monitoring, exploiting and updating the company’s database.
- Ensuring the integrity and security of the database.
- Developing reports or stored procedures using the database, based on business requirements.
- Providing support when needed.
- Responsible with synchronizing applications processes.
- Implementing daily/ monthly back-up plan for all databases applications.
- Implementing an alert system for back-up checking and synchronizing applications processes.
- Developing a web-service for Vodafone bill payments.
- Optimizing stored procedures (jobs, processes, views, reports and selects).

Technical Environment: SQL,PL/SQL,T-SQL, Linux, AIX, Microsoft SQL Server, JAVA, XML, Web Services.

Mes compétences

XML, Windows, Web Services, T-SQL, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Linux, Java, AIX