Sue T.

Database Developer

415 dollar
28 ans
Virginia Beach, ÉTATS-UNIS

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Ferguson EnterprisesJuly 2014 - July 2015

* Completed introductory and advanced DataStage training courses 
Developed efficient ETL Jobs and Sequences using IBM's DataStage in a
Windows-to-Linux environment - Extracted data from SQL Server and
Oracle source databases, performed complicated data transformations,
updated databases and/or created feed files for PeopleSoft and other
target applications
* Defined new data sources, designed job and other templates for team usage
* Implemented “passwordless” SFTP between DataStage and remote servers
* Defined standards and SDLC for this relatively new software
* 3rd-level support backup
* Migration of DataStage objects from Dev to Test and from Test to Prod
* Presentation of and participation in Developer Peer Reviews
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Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies (SGT) @ NASA Langley Research Center in HamptonApril 2001 - September 2013

* Provided outstanding services and
support to the NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) Information
Management Branch (IMB) and Office of the Chief Financial Officer
(OCFO), primarily the Technical Library, proven by 13 years of excellent
employee reviews and the receipt of numerous awards, nominations, and
customer letters of appreciation for quality work and accomplishments
Customized/implemented 7 full-text searchable DSpace digital repository
web sites -loaded 600,000+ docs and associated metadata - responsible
for repository Content Mgmt. Developed and customized in Java, using
Servlets and JSPs, these repositories were used to archive
formal/informal technical publications and doc for completed projects
and assured long-term accessibility to mission-critical data.
* Used
JSP and CSS to customize DSpace presentation layer according to customer
requirements and classification of repository content
Designed/developed ETL interfaces in Java, with customized/complicated
XML parsing in order to migrate data to/from DSpace PostgreSQL databases
and other Tech. library apps
* Developed a major software update to
DSpace apps that improved Java load utility by 600% and provided new
faceted search and bulk metadata editing features 
* Made extensive
Java customizations to a new, secure instance of DSpace that were
mandated in order to comply with access control provisions to ensure
proper protection of sensitive data; modified app to incorporate
OpenSSO; created detailed doc on these mods and the procedures to be
used to provision accounts for new users of the site - resulted in
approved production implementation by Network Configuration Control
* Designed/developed complicated SQL queries to select,
manipulate, and summarize data from relational databases, for input to
Java and other programs; created customer ad-hoc queries and periodic
reports to run in Cron jobs
* PostgreSQL DBA and Oracle IPlanet web server administrator for all of LaRC’s DSpace web apps
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Spiegel, Inc.March 1999 - April 2001

* Analyzed business requirements,
designed, developed, tested, and implemented complex retail Call Center
applications, including Order Entry, Customer Inquiry, and Inventory
Control in COBOL/CICS/DB2
* Developed complicated DB2 SQL queries for order statistics, ad-hoc queries, and batch transaction processing
Designed/developed automated “Free-Item” module to replace hard-coding
in critical Order Entry applications that eliminated the need to
frequently modify production COBOL/DB2 code each time company free item
promotions changed – resulted in receipt of an award for excellent job
* Designed/developed common error routine that provided
real-time monitoring and resolution of production errors; also resulted
in receipt of an award for excellent job performance
* Designed/developed Clists that eliminated errors in critical production turnover process
* Key backup for Spiegel web site support
* Mentored Junior programmers
Rotated on-call production support for extensive and complicated
nightly batch processing of web site orders, returns, customer
information, and inventory, using “Remedy"
* Company moved IT shop location from Hampton, VA to Chicago, IL in 2001 and laid off all Hampton IT staff
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The College of William and MaryJanuary 1987 - August 1998

* Designed, developed, tested,
implemented, and supported Higher Education applications written in
COBOL/VSAM, COBOL/DB2, and NATURAL/DB2 on an IBM Mainframe with MVS and
Z/OS operating systems
* Performed business process analysis for
numerous applications to define project definition and requirements
using Software AG’s suite of RAD tools
*Developed user-friendly documentation and training materials for new and modified applications
Designed/developed new Student Registration system in NATURAL/DB2 that
replaced previously nightmarish manual registration process; worked
closely with team developing online Treasurer’s office, Course catalog,
and Student demographics interfaces; also worked closely with other
teams to design and develop a “staggered windows” method of access to
the new registration system to avoid system overload when Registration
“opened”; worked with other teams to design/develop method of
communicating assigned access windows to students
* Performed
extensive business process analysis of Campus Police emergency dispatch
policies and procedures in order to develop an online emergency dispatch
system to replace a previously manual one; designed and developed both
the DB2 database and application, using NATURAL, Construct, and Predict;
received awards from Campus Police and management for excellent
performance in the development of this application where all entries to
the call/dispatch database were interfaced with a criminal suspect
database that was used as an investigative tool in campus criminal
* Installed and implemented a Human Resource system COTS
package, “Information Associates/SCT Banner (HRS)”; received numerous
accolades and awards for excellent job performance
* Mentored Junior programmers 
* Rotated on-call nightly production support
* Developed training materials and presented software training classes to programming staff
* Delivered technical presentations on W&M apps at Nat'l technical conferences/User group meetings 
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Transportation Teleprocessing (Trans-TeOctober 1985 - October 1986

Mainframe programmer for Payroll, Inventory,and Accounts Receivable using COBOL/VSAM

Mes compétences

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SQL Developer


Database Design, Performance tuning, Software Design, Teamwork, Technical Writing, Business Process, Business Analysis


Oracle, Database and SQL tuning, DB2, Database Administration, Adabas

Computer Tools

MS Office

IT Infrastructure



Software Development, DSpace, SharePoint


Cobol, SQL, JavaScript, Java, Perl, XML

Open Source solutions


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Bachelor's Degree - The College of William and Mary

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