Emanuel I.


19 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA

Mon expérience

ComputarisJanuary 2013 - June 2015

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ComputarisJanuary 2013 - September 2014

I worked solely for Tecnotree (a Computaris client), for the first year being relocated to Tecnotree's headquarter in
For Tecnotree's charging solution I performed mostly bug fixing and code development (shell scripting, C++ modules and Sybase procedures;
Corba, STL, XML), but also testing (test plans, Junit test development and execution).
Other projects I worked on (also telecom related): a traffic filtering solution (C++ code involving ASN1, CLIPS rules engine) and a payment simulator (C++,
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eServGlobalAugust 2007 - April 2012

The Romanian ESERVGLOBAL office is in charge of software development for telecom companies, mostly from Asia and Africa, while ESERVGLOBAL France
is in charge of aspects like marketing and project management.

* Identify and fix software errors (mostly at database level: Informix and Oracle) ;
* Identify optimization strategies for 'real time' applications ;
* Develop shel scripts, procedures and C++ components for particular projects ;
* Depending on priorities I prepare project documentation or perform tests.
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Romanian Registrar of ShareholdersSeptember 1996 - March 2006

At that point in time RRA was one of the most important registrars on the capital market, keeping track of shareholders at companies traded on Bucharest Stock
Exchange and RASDAQ (Over-the-Counter financial market).

* Availability, safety and security of data ;
* Design and develop system enhancements.

* Designed and programmed most of internal support applications. ;
* Improve security:
1. Creation of a clear and comprehensive procedure for logging & archiving (user activity and data changes).
2. Implementation of 'Access Control Lists' to restrict a broker access to a shareholder's account (by broker and / or by order).
3. Implementation of a second 'password' for particular accounts.

* Developed new services (VB as front end, Oracle & SQL Server):
1. Design and development of the Oracle system for operating in relation with the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Specifications of this system were written in
cooperation with a Canadian consultant responsible for the maintenance of the Bucharest Stock Exchange system.
2. Refinement of the concept of Joint-account (multi-owner account) to introduce a hierarchy of rights.
3. Application to allow the owner of an account to remotely manage the list of al owed transfer orders from his account (which will be issued by a particular
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CODECSNovember 2000 - July 2001

Tutor for the `Project Management' course
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Bucharest Stock ExchangeAugust 1995 - September 1996

The BSE was formed on the structure and with the personnel of the former 'Emerging Capital Markets' Department of National Bank of Romania.
* Continuous improvement of the computerized system used by brokerage companies. As market become more mature, Romanian brokers had more specific requirements that I had to elicit and implement.
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University of BucharestSeptember 1995 - July 1996

Seminars at the Faculty of Mathematics (University of Bucharest): `Operating Systems and Programming Languages' (UNIX & C/C++) and `Data Structures'.
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Emerging Capital Markets DepartmentSeptember 1994 - August 1995

The 'Emerging Capital Markets' department had the responsibility of reorganizing the capital market after the col apse of communism.
Responsibilities & Achievements:
Main responsibility: development of a computerized system for brokerage companies members of Bucharest Stock Exchange, for managing Back Office and

Mes compétences

Oracle, Corba, Shell Scripting, UNIX, Sybase, Linux, XML, SQL, Informix