Sheffoy F.

Devops Engineer

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TalentNet Inc.January 2019 - Présent

Working as a Lead DevOps Engineer as part of an agile team to deliver a Cloud Native, international, contingent workforce solution across several continents:

● Setup and maintain Multi AZ Kubernetes Clusters in multiple regions.

● Manage CI/CD pipelines using CircleCI and ArgoCD..

● Manage GitOps workflow using KOPS, Terraform, CircleCI and ArgoCD.

● RDS, DocumentDB and MongoAtlas Database Maintenance.

● Work alongside internal teams to ensure sprint goals are met.

● Collaborate with external organizations to deliver working integrated business solutions.

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TalentNet Inc.January 2018 - January 2019

Worked as a Senior Developer with a focus on infrastructure as part of an agile team to deliver a contingent workforce solution:

● Maintain deployment scripts for deploying to Kuberenetes and cloud servers.

● Database Maintenance.

● Deliver code for server-side PHP and client-side ReactJS applications.

● Work alongside internal teams to ensure sprint goals are met.

● Collaborate with external organizations to deliver working integrated business solutions.

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JMMB Group Ltd.January 2016 - January 2018

Worked as the Architect/Technical Lead for a development team building out an online banking platform that integrates with the bank’s core application (Temenos T24). Main responsibilities included:

● Work alongside technology leaders to design application and infrastructure integrations with core platform.

● Technical lead for selecting tools and frameworks.

● Develop standards for integration.

● Work with external contractors to ensure compliance with internal standards and regulatory


● Technology representative at project at steering committee meetings.

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JPS Company Ltd.January 2014 - January 2016

Designed and developed Dispatch Web Application that allowed field supervisors to: assign routes for meter reading, view meter readings downloaded, reassign meters and view readings uploaded in real time.
Communication between mobile devices and web handled through JAX-RS RESTful web service. Main responsibilities included:

● Planning and designing backend application and database.

● Building out web-services to provide real time communication between office supervisors and field workers.

● Building out corresponding front-end application for field workers (android/mobile).

● Instrumental in selecting mobile devices used by field crews.

● Created training material and administered training for backend and frontend users

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JPS Company Ltd.January 2006 - January 2014

Worked as a developer on a number of core applications used in all facets of the business. Various systems and roles included:

● Web Payment Portal:
Worked as part of a team that designed and developed a web application, written in .NET MVC, that allowed customers to pay their electricity bills online using a credit card. .NET MVC front end called WCF and ASMX services on the back-end to handle card validation, bill balance updates and final update of core billing system with payment information.

● Field Maintenance App:
Designed and coded application, written in Android, to be used by Distribution Maintenance team to perform line patrols and conduct field audit. Application collected GPS coordinates of various assets (poles, transformers, etc.) as well as any defect and a list of materials that would be required to carry out repairs.

● Leave Management Portal:
Maintained and improved PHP web application that allowed staff to key time and attendance as well as leave information along with approval workflow that allowed approved time off to be channeled directly into the main payroll application.

● Meter Reading Mobile:
Designed, coded, implemented and maintained mobile component of Meter Reading application running on Android. Features included collection of meter readings, real time remote upload/download over GPRS/3G/WIFI using RESTful Web Services, backup data to SD Card, GPS data capture, among others.

● Version Control System:
Implemented Subversion(SVN) version control system to be used by developers. Trained team members in use of system and came up with work flows for version control management. Later upgraded from SVN to Mercurial(Hg) to support distributed version control.

● SMS:
Application written in Lotus Domino that used an SMPP gateway to allow for the sending and receiving of text messages. Contact management, group management, reports on messages sent by departments.

Mes compétences

IT Infrastructure

Terraform, Infrastructure Management, Docker

Analysis methods and tools

Enterprise Architect




Java, MVC, Dart, Go, Python, PHP, JavaScript


MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, PostGreSQL


Prometheus, Vault, Grafana, GitOps

Open Source solutions





AWS, Mercurial, RabbitMQ, Software Development, ELK Stack, JAX-RS, Solution Architecture

Application servers


Mes études et formations

BSc, Computing with Information Technology - University of Technology2020