Rajkrishna P.


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12 ans
Nantes, FRANCE

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Roboeducon IncJanuary 2019 - Présent

Founded an innovative startup on mobile and industrial robotics as our primary domain and develop
robots on the basis of daily human needs for domestic and commercial purposes. We also work on
other domains such as computer modelling, mechanical designing on the basis of need from the
client, or any sponsored project.

Apart from building, our sole purpose of integrity in this company,
with the society and several other organization is through consulting and providing need based
solutions on problems related to robotics, modelling, mechanical designs, environmental issues, IT
and software related problems and on software functionality.
We will provide professional training and counselling on specialized skills that are required in major industries, which are never taught or gained from college degree, to develop their career so that a young professional gains the right amount of experience before they join an industry and are well trained to perform their deliverable according to industry standards

Our Motto is "Learn as you go and take the best from the world within you and release your best back to the world to transform it to a better place"
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CapgeminiSeptember 2018 - January 2019

Project with SNCF in collaboration with Ecole Centrale de Nantes

Application of neural network and logistics to manage dynamic railway traffic, to prioritize the data on trains at SNCF all over France and international trains connecting to other EU nations. Upgrade signalization system by CANopen technology, on traffic control, testing the functionality of various applications e.g COMM, IHM, TPF used in rail engineering and traffic.

Development and up-gradation of ticketing system through the process of Revenue Management on TGV, Intercity and International trains. Synthesis of functions and libraries in C++ in order to case such objectives
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BA SystemesApril 2018 - September 2018

Coroma Project
Rebuilding the C++ and python codes to modify the current setup of AGV and control the checkpoints manually so that the trajectory can be altered without restarting the whole system
Creating track libraries and utilizing it in real time analytics
Setting up dockerfile to create docker containers on main master server, and automating the built in process.
Integrating ROS, gazebo and GUI applications on docker container, and setting up TCP communication with the main master node to perform real time graphic simulation of the AGV.
Creating  algoGotoXYGamma function from C++ AGV libraries to identify a given point for the AGV to move and if the point and the troncon remains inside the working space limits of the AGV. Depending upon its return the trajectory is modified and a new path is built for the AGV to traverse.

Using CANopen technology to communicate the AGV with it's internal components and remote coordination.
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VerizonDecember 2015 - June 2017

Python prgramming to create an autonomous system on alert distribution in the telecom industry.
Configuring and performing testing and deployment of application through Jenkins and Robotic
process automation
Programming in perl to facilate Linux patching in a production environment of over 7000 VM
and 3000 phyiscal servers
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KPI PartnersJuly 2015 - November 2015

Python programming to test the application performance on various automative softwares, directly

interacting with aerospace components to detect the right conditions for an airplane to fly. A part of

the Boeing Project
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Apollo Education GroupSeptember 2014 - June 2015

Built a credit card processing system, setting up Satellite servers to perform automated patching in Red Hat servers on Linux 6.5.Actively Participating in writing proposals on various root cause analysis, by finding the exact causes of failures after troubleshooting. Played major role, in an enterprise-level migration and consolidation system based on the Windows Azure platform to reduce migration costs for the users.
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-January 2015 - January 2015

I. Certificate of High Achiever
Sep 2015   University of South Australia
Achieving a grant of 4500USD due to submission of my proposal on Framework of accountability and Trust in Clouds. The theory was tested and proved correct and was proposed as their future systems of managing infrastructures. I also came in top10 of a competition for coding in python on "Chef Showdown"
II. Contribution on Linux Patching and offshore lead
Jul 2014   Cardinal Health
Cardinal Health for Linux Patching, and managing the entire offshore for the last year, with immense technical and leadership abilities.
III. Best Teaching assistant for year 2010
Feb 2011   University of Nebraska Lincoln
I received the best Teaching assistant award for the year 2010. I was recognized as the most friendly, and knowledge teacher from the Computer Science department of University of Nebraska Lincoln. I received the highest rating from the students
IV. Global International Scholar Award
Jan 2009   University of Nebraska Lincoln
One of the top 100 international students in the United States, received an annual award of 10000USD per annually for academic excellence
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-August 2014 - September 2014

Application of Computational Intelligence of artificial neural network
Aug 5, 2014
Journal of Computational Intelligence and Electronics System
Unpredictable corrosion failures in offshore and onshore steel structure in ocean water account for huge economic loss and lead to accidents. Prediction of corrosion rate of steel structure in seawater is a challenging task due to wide variation of its composition across the global marine environment. Computational intelligence of artificial neural network ( ANN) has been applied using laboratory generated sets of experimental data to predict corrosion rate at any global marine environment. It is seen that ANN is an excellent computation tool model and predict the life of marine submersed structures.
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Cardinal HealthAugust 2013 - September 2014

Embedded C++ programming and python coding to create algorithm on
computational fluids on certain medical devices such as insulin pumps, and
electronic venturimeter in order to study the flow of various liquids, and record the
right feedback on patients body in critical situations. Developed work flow
through simulink
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Deutsche BankJanuary 2013 - July 2013

•    Utilizing the concept of Lean manufacturing to enhance the cost effective of the banking sector
•    Developed ETL transaction model through Pig application for reporting of production fluctuations in stocks and shares
•    Implemented demand forecasting models which improved the pros and cons to get maximum return on bank assests.
•    Analyzed and created dimensional data modeling to meet OLAP requirements
•    Estimating the worth of the company, nature of product manufacture, yearly turnover in order to
assess the business with correct loan amount and consolidation of mortgage through machine learning algorithm
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University of Nebraska LincolnJanuary 2010 - December 2012

Main TA and grader for Matlab 2006a-2009, for a batch of 30-40 students each semester. Taught them
R programming, building and working on Algorithms. Key concepts on how to visualize a problem with huge data, consisting of infinite rows and columns and think in terms of a logic, and finally frame and reduce the data by cleaning up. Modelling that processed data into modelling various algorithm techniques.
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Jadavpur UniversityMay 2009 - August 2009

It was an internship, which I did, under Dr S Paul, in developing software models and simulations on genetic algorithm.

• Java programming to develop software models for genetic algorithm in metallurgy
•    Analyzing and doing Matlab programming to develop prediction of marine corrosion.
•   Developing model through python with sea water, its effect on corrosion, and the remedies through algae decomposition

Mes compétences

Vmware ESX, VMWare, vCenter, UNIX, Ubuntu, Troubleshooting, Technical Writing, SUSE, Solidworks 2003, SolidWorks, Solaris, Simulink, Shell Scripting, Scrum, ROS, Python, PLC, Perl scripting, Perl, Oracle, OpenCV, Neural networks, Microsoft SharePoint, Matlab Simulink, Matlab, Linux Red Hat, Linux, Labview, Kubernetes, Kernel, Jenkins, JavaScript, Java, GitHub, Docker, DevOps, Debian, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, CentOS, Catia, C/C++, C++, AWS, AutoCAD, Artificial Intelligence, Arduino, Amazon Web Services (AWS)