Axel D.


700 dollar
7 ans

Mon expérience

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DevOps ConsultantJune 2021 - Présent

- DevOps audit, focusing on organizational and technical axes.
- Conducting interviews
- Participation in the drafting of the restitution
- Participation in the drafting of recommendations
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DevOps ConsultantMarch 2021 - Présent

Support for the DevOps transformation, on the architecture and implementation of a software factory.
- Audit of internal practices related to application production (development, integration, security, deployment)
- Study of the integration of security in the CI / CD pipeline (SecOps)
- Definition of the target architecture of the software factory, according to the contextual constraints
- Restitution of work carried out in architectural committees
- Animation of workshops with different teams to identify technological issues and implement the CI / CD solutio
- Implementation of continuous deployment with XL Deploy / XL Release for the different development sectors
- Documentation
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NATIXISMay 2020 - September 2021

Within the IT department of the general secretariat, I joined the Surveillance division, in charge of

building and maintaining surveillance applications for the Compliance department of Natixis. In this context, I am working on the communications monitoring project, aimed at installing and supplying data to the Voxsmart Communications Surveillance software package. I joined the project team as support on the technical part. The project was focused on a hybrid architecture, with an on-premise part for the reception, encryption and sending of communications, and a part on the AWS cloud, where the communication data is received and processed by the installed software package.
- Design of the AWS and on-premise cloud architecture in collaboration with the security teams, the publisher and the cloud experts
- Reception and adaptation of the deliverables provided by the publisher so that they comply with the requirements of the Natixis IS.
- Coordination of the project contributors, in particular on the integration of the AWS cloud into the Natixis IS and data collection
- Participation in technical and strategic choices according to security, planning and budget constraints
- Automation of the deployment of the solution (Bitbucket, Jenkins, XL Deploy, XL Release)
- Installation, configuration and maintenance of the development environment
- Carrying out technical tests in support of the publisher
- Establishment of the data pipeline to send communications to the AWS cloud (Python & ControlM)
- Deployment of new versions
- Construction and maintenance of the documentary database dedicated to the project
- Monitoring and optimization of the infra costs of the solution
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NATIXISOctober 2016 - May 2020

In a context of team creation, my main missions were to contribute to projects and to the operation of the

application park of the 89C3R cluster, Natixis' Digital Factory. The 89C3R application production team is in charge of operating and supporting cross-functional applications made available to the BPCE group's businesses.
My roles within the team. 
- Technical reference, especially on the industrialization of deployments (Bitbucket, Jenkins, XL Deploy, XL Release)
- Technical project manager for the Chatbot platform of the BPCE group
- Relay for team management
- C2 - Inter nal Natixis
Application exploitation
- Monitoring, analysis and processing of incidents and changes
- Coordination of infrastructure teams within the framework of technical interventions
- Configuration of CFT flows and batch processing
- Establishment of technical and functional supervision
Contribution to technical and business projects
- Participation in architectural choices in order to provide a vision of operational and infrastructure issues
- Integration and production of applications for new projects or migrations
- Management and follow-up of development requests made to the Infrastructure teams
- Study of the existing situation and development of changeover plans in the context of migrations
- Animation and participation in application development work in collaboration with MOEs and technical experts
- Implementation of the DevOps approach: migration of applications to the cloud and implementation of CI / CD pipelines
Continuous improvement
- Implementation of new operating processes through the implementation of technical platforms and
developments of our CI / CD tools
- Optimization of infrastructures
- Training on the operation of a chatbot for business application support team.
- Establishment of the team's documentary base.
- Transfer of skills and support to Porto employees
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Within CISAD, CIO of the Evaluation, Prospective and Performance Department, I joined the Operations department.
- Integration and production of applications (Rstudio, SAP BO)
- Automation of deployments (Shell)
- MCO of Linux virtual and physical machines
- Participation in data center development work
- Participation in the PRA
- Study on the implementation of cloud technologies
- Study on improving the resilience of databases
- Study concerning the upgrade of the version from RHEL 6 to RHEL7
- PostgreSQL DBMS training

Mes compétences

Zabbix, Windows Server, VMware vSphere, Virtualization, Ubuntu, Team management, RHEL, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, Linux Red Hat, Linux, KVM, Jenkins, JBoss, IBM Websphere, Git, Elastic Stack, Docker, DevOps, CONTROL-M, Continuous Deployment, Cloud Computing, Business Objects, Bitbucket, Big Data, Azure, AWS, Artifactory, Apache Web Server