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Krishna P.


17 ans
Bangalore, INDIA

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  • 17 years of industry experience
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Siemens HealthineersOctober 2013 - Présent

teamplay - Connect, compare, collaborate
teamplay is a cloud-based network that brings together healthcare professionals in order to advance medicine and human health. Make fast, well-informed decisions and optimize your workflows by connecting to up-to-date data, by comparing your performance data to benchmarks and collaborating with healthcare professionals worldwide.


* Single handedly conceptualized & implemented delivery pipeline framework which deploys the product code into Azure PAAS

* Implemented the test infrastructure using Azure IAAS which executes the automated tests seamlessly in Jenkins

* Designed & implemented database upgrade strategy to reduce the downtime for customer facing deployments

* Driving team of 5 DevOps engineers and guiding them to implement the DevOps best practices

* Rolling out multiple versions of teamplay to US, Europe, Canada, Japan, China regions

* Supporting the development team in enabling continuous delivery using VSTS / Jenkins CI/CD pipeline

* 3rd level Support activities like monitoring the customer facing deployments and finding out if there any product issues

* Creating Azure PAAS resources with ARM templates for WebApps, Databases, Rediscache, Webjobs, Keyvaults, Appinsights, App Plans, ServiceBus (topic/queue), AD Registrations, Storages

* VNETs & VM's creation using ARM templates

* Creating 1000's of VMs using VM Scalesets

* Deploying containers using Dockers

* Deploying microservices to Kubernetes Cluster
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Siemens HealthcareApril 2007 - September 2013

ECS - The goal of ECS is to integrate CAD components and deliver it as a product on MBox. The components that form part of ECS are CAD task flows, Processing components, CAD Reader task, Algorithms (Lung CAD, Colon CAD, PECAD, Chest X-Ray, ALPHA etc) and CIF Hosting.

CAD Reader - The goal of CAD Reader is to provide functionalities for reviewing CAD findings in syngo.via taskflows. CAD Reader functionalities shall be developed as CAD reading task. CAD reader shall also support invoking CAD processing. CAD Reading task shall extend the generic reader functionalities and provide additional CAD viewing functionalities. CAD Reading task shall invoke the CAD processing and support the viewing of CAD findings on Chest X Ray and CT Chest datasets (Lung and PE).


* Understanding the ERS, FS & DS documents

* Handling a team of 8 members to perform the Automation testing

* Prepare, plan & execute Test Automation Plan

* Identifying the Test Scenarios and preparing test cases

* Participating in all the functional, design discussions

* Logging Defects through CHARMNT (Rational Clear Quest)
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InfosysOctober 2005 - April 2007

Alliance is the next step in the continued evolution of agency technology: a collection of intuitive, easy-to-learn, Web-based systems that provide an improved business transaction platform. The project involves the system, performance and automation testing of the Alliance application of Allstate. Allstate is one of the biggest accounts in Infosys Technologies Limited for testing. Mercury's QTP Tool is the Automation tool used for automation of functional test cases for the Auto Quote and New Business, Property Quote & New Business, Commercial and T-Docs tracks. Also includes creation and maintenance of four Access databases (Auto, Property, and Commercial & T-Docs) to support the data driven automation approach.


* Understanding the SSD (State Specific Document)

* Preparation of Automated Test Scripts in QTP

* Modifying VB Scripts according to SSD

* Execution of automated scripts

* Logging Defects through Defect Tracking Tool (Clear Quest)

Mes compétences

Test Cases, Software testing, Rational ClearQuest, PowerShell, Kubernetes, Jscript, Jenkins, JavaScript, HTML5, Docker, DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Azure DevOps, Azure Cloud, Azure, AngularJS, Android