Sudhakar N.

Devops Engineer

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Mphasis Pvt LtdJuly 2011 - July 2011

Team Size : 12
Work Location : Bangalore, India

Roles and Responsibilities:

* Installation and configuration of Linux OS using Kick Start
* Creating User accounts and maintenance as per request
* Regular monitoring of all the system and application file systems and if the disk space usage is high, taking necessary actions on the same.
* Responsible for evaluating, defining, gathering, testing and delivering Linux platform solutions.
* Work with software vendors and UNIX administrators to provide optimum system performance and availability.
* Taking Backups, troubleshooting and upgrades
* Performance monitoring using various tools likes top, netstat, vmstat and iostat.

* Install and configure various open source servers like Apache, Sendmail
* Network Services: - NFS, FTP
* Reporting of any critical error messages received on Weblogic log files and monitoring tool to the development team.

Mes compétences


Shell Scripting, C++, Java, Bash scripting

Analysis methods and tools



MySQL, Oracle


Jboss, AWS, TeamCity


CLI, Troubleshooting, ITIL, GitHub


Patch management, LINUX ADMINISTRATION SKILLS, Performed remote management, Bachelors Degree > Bachelor of Engineering, Network File System, DevOps engineer, Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management, Web Servers, supported application software Troubleshooting, Version Control, Linux system admin, Source, BIG-IP, Delivery Software Engineer, English, Indian > Hindi, job scheduling, WebLogic Enterprise Application Server, Secure Shell, Senior System Software Engineer, IP, Cron Scheduler, Indian > Telugu, Domain Name Server Protocol, Dynamic Host Control protocol, Jakarta TOMCAT Servlet Engine, industry~it, Incident Management Engineer, CERTIFIED SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR, Red Hat Certified Engineer, Indian > Kannada, Regular monitoring of all the system and application file systems, Python Programming, Retail Performance Manager, Mobile Applications, user administration



Application servers

Apache Web Server

IT Infrastructure

Linux, RHEL, Unix, Zabbix, Linux Red Hat, Linux (Fedora/RHEL/OEL), Sun Solaris, Ansible, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Git

Mes études et formations

Bachelor of Engineering - ISE