Praveen S.


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Bangalore, INDIA

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Gojek TechDecember 2018 - March 2020

Built a Prometheus based central monitoring and alerting platform for the entire organization with the goal to replace the existing Influx based monitoring system with horizontally scalable Cortex setup.

* Setup Load test. Terraform for managing infrastructure, Helm for
monitoring system deployment on Kubernetes.

* Used Prometheus on Kubernetes clusters and Telegraf on VMs for
metrics collection. Both remote write metrics to the central monitoring platform.

* Used Grafana for visualization. Slack and Pagerduty for alerting.

* Alerts are configured via Gitops. We have tooling for gathering alert
analytics and testing alert configuration.

* Built a service for authentication and authorization of monitoring

* Built a service to reduce the Pagerduty noise, by segregating alerts
based on severity and frequency.
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Gojek TechSeptember 2015 - June 2016

Worked as a part of the team that migrated Gojek's core transport order management system from a monolith to microservices architecture. Gojek's
transport order management system scaled from 10K customers to 45 million customers due to the team's effort. Also implemented the CI/CD, Infra
Provisioning, Performance Testing.

Mes compétences

Terraform, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Redis, Prometheus, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Golang, GitHub, Git, Docker, Clojure, Chef, AWS, Analytics, Amazon Web Services