Harish R.

Devops Engineer

115 dollar
7 ans
Bangalore, INDE

Mon expérience

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Ausy Technologies India Pvt LtdJuly 2017 - Présent


* Worked with the teams for permissions and managing GIT Hub Organization Profile.
* Worked on Git Hub Requests like comparing pull,commits and tags.
* Worked on various issues around Git Hub repository such as Labels, Milestones, creating, closing and associating with commit issues.
* Scheduled a Jenkins job to deploy a war file on Docker Container using Ansible.
* Created CI workflow for Multiple Images for Nginx Instances and pushing the Images to
Docker Hub.
* Good exposure to Docker volumes and Networking concepts.
* Worked extensively to deploy kubernetes cluster on AWS cloud.
* Worked on building kubernetes cluster using Terraform.
* Worked on creating,updating,scaling,cleaning,autoscaling and rollback for Nginx deplyment on Kubernetes cluster.
* Good knowledge working on creating Pods,Labels and selectors,Secrets and ConfigMaps on Kubernetes cluster.
* Worked on handling Traffic with Ingress controllers.
* Worked on Terraform Module to setup Networking for the applications (Private and Public subnet)
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From - To ,May 2020 - Présent

DevOps Engineer

* Working on multiple Deployment strategies like Blue-Green and Rolling deployments
* Working on GitHub - Creating new Repositories, Branches, Merging, Forking, Properties mapping etc.
* Working on setting up CI/CD Pipelines based on the requirement and maintained using Jenkins.
* Working on create new Docker files, building Docker images, Push and Pull Docker images to AWS ECR Repository.
* working on Terraform Modules for provisioning Infrastrture as a code to AWS servics such as VPC, Public and private Subnets, EKS Cluster, Node groups,EC2 Instances,ELB,IAM roles,Route53 for ELB,EC2 Auto scaling, Application load balancer
* Experience in creating Pods, Labels, selectors, Secrets and Health checks.
* Worked on handling Traffic with Ingress controllers.
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Boeing India pvt LtdDecember 2014 - June 2017

Boeing India Pvt ltd., (former Continental Data Graphics India Pvt Ltd)

* Involved in creating and maintaining GitHub. Involved in Repositories manintenance, Branching, Forking,Merging,Properties Mapping etc..
* Integrated Jenkins with DevOps tools such as Git, Ansible to schedule Jobs.
* Integrated Jenkins with other tools and services such as Security, Email, Maven etc.
* Integrated Jenkins with Ansible plug-in to execute playbooks from a Jenkins Job.
* Used Vagrant to create development environments for developers.
* Managed users, packages, mail, storage etc., on Linux servers.
* Automated multiple tasks using Shell scripting.
* Worked on different features with Linux programming such as Multiprogramming, Hierarchical File system, shell to execute commands of the operating system
* Managing operation tasks for environments and provide solutions for automating manual operations tasks.

Mes compétences

Analysis methods and tools

JIRA, Apache Maven, Agile Methodology, DevOps



IT Infrastructure

Git, Ubuntu, Nagios, Nginx, CentOS, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, RHEL, Virtualization, Linux


Software Development, AWS


Shell Scripting, Python

Open Source solutions



GitHub, SDLC, Release Management


operating systems, Multi task implementation, Freelancer, Container Orchestration, Version Control, Bachelors Degree > Bachelors Degree Mechanical Engineering, On experience, Source Code Management, Good Experience, DevOps engineer, Python Programming, Load Balancing, manage configurations, Microsoft Windows, Amazon Web Services, Ingress RDBMS, industry~engineering, Container Management, Waterfall Methodology, Push and Pull Docker, Team Leader, Engineer

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's, Mechanical Engineering - JNTU