Sahil T.

Devops Engineer

600 dollar
2 ans
Nagpur, INDE

Mon expérience

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INDIA PVT. LTDJuly 2019 - May 2021

An Open source software firm with ~13400 employees,~$ 934.11 million in revenues, and clients/partners from more than 90% of Fortune 500.
DevOps Engineer/Openshift Engineer:
Serves as a Firm's Front-end Technical Engineer to troubleshoot and resolve customers issues.
* Collaborative Technical Support: Worked collaboratively with the team on ~250+ different complex customer issues on Openshift, Kubernetes and Containers on ~100+ different customer environments like IBM, VERIZON, CITIGROUP, BMW, VOLVO, HP, DELL, CISCO.
* OpenShift 3 and 4, Kubernetes, Docker: Well versed with the ~10+ OpenSource projects as a part of OpenShift with strong troubleshooting and log analysis skills.
* Etcd - Database for openshift
* API server Management
* Container registry -, Red Hat Quay
* Persistent Storage for containers - storage class, static and dynamic allocation
* RBAC Policies
* Builds, deployments for OpenShift
* Kubernetes Networking - svc , endpoints, sdn data flow, load balancing -haproxy
* Configmaps, secrets
* Kubernetes scheduler
* Kubernetes garbage collection - resource pruning
* Docker operations - Dockerfile, pull,push, credentials configurations

* Cloud Infrastructure Management - Vsphere AWS OpenStack (Basic): As a part of Openshift
Install and Upgrade team, performed ~50+ installations, upgradation and debugs for cloud platforms like Vsphere, AWS, GCP, AZURE. Created and managed ~200+ VMs as an infrastructure for OpenShift.
* Logging - EFK And Monitoring Prometheus: Worked on troubleshooting the issues in the fluentd, kibana and elastic-search which is part of logging stack. Basic understanding of EFK
stack's working.
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Software IndustryJuly 2018 - June 2019

Cornerstone OnDemand (Formerly known as SABA software PVT ltd)
Software Industry firm with ~1400 employees, ~$818 Million in revenues, and clients/partners like Dell , DellEMC, Fujitsu, ADP.
Jr Engineer, Cloud Infrastructure
Served as an infra. Engineer for Data centre Infrastructure management and automation.
* DataCentre infrastructure management:
* Upgrading Firmware and BIOS for HP and Dell servers for ~800 physical servers.

* Build a bare metal server using Cobbler configurations and PXE IP.
* Network bonding and Configuration for redundancy in Red Hat Linux.
* Performing H/W maintenance with a Vendor Communication for failed Disk, Cache module, H/W Fan, Storage battery replacement.
* Red Hat Linux, Bash Scripting, Python:
* Red Hat certified Engineer and Red Hat Certified System Administrator.
* Developed script for replacing IPs and Hostname from old Server to New Server for Server Swap Automation, Applied on ~85+ servers in maintenance.
* Developed a Bash Script for automating the mailing system for vendor tickets.
* Developed bash Scripts for day to day tasks like providing and revoking Temp root
Access to users, Providing Password less SSH.
* Virtualization - VMware , Rhev:
* VMware Vsphere 6.7 - VM built from ISO, VM cloning and Network Configuration
* VM snapshots, Service Management.
* Managing ESXi Servers and Memory management.
* System performance and Monitoring:
* Check_mk(Nagios) Configuration for hosts and services.

Mes compétences

Embedded and Telecom



Bash scripting

Open Source solutions

Kubernetes, OpenStack


log analysis skills, API server Management, strong troubleshooting, Amazon Web Services, Load Balancing, Windows Azure Platform, Technical Engineer, Red Hat OpenShift, Cobbler, Red Hat Certified System Administrator, Network Management > Network Configuration, Python Programming, Red Hat Certified Engineer, CERTIFIED SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR, memory management, Cloud-Enabled Certified DevOps Professional, Service Management, Bachelors Degree > Bachelor of Technology, DevOps engineer, Corporate Trainer -DevOps, Jr Engineer, Kubernetes scheduler, Openshift Engineer, BIOS, DellEMC, EFK stack management, Additional Professional Development, DataCenter infrastructure management, Engineer, industry~it, Dynamic Host Control protocol, Domain Name Server Protocol, HP Hardware, Dell Server Hardware, Coach, trainer, Data Centre, Fujitsu Hardware, Nexus Technology, Continuous Improvement, Bachelors Degree > Bachelor of Arts, a cloud infrastructure engineer, RHCE certified

IT Infrastructure

Linux Red Hat, Docker, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Git, Nagios, VMware vSphere, VMware, Cisco Switches/Routers, HAProxy





Analysis methods and tools

Apache Maven, SonarQube, DevOps


Prometheus, Troubleshooting, Problem Solving

Mes études et formations

B.A. - Technological University