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Fluent Trade TechnologiesMay 2018 - May 2020

● Doing deep investigation and text processing for huge log files transferring using Python3 and advanced awk/sed/grep tools.
● GitLab, svn
● Docker images for web framework (Flask MVC)
● Projects :
   - Bash/Python Scripts
   - Daily Sanity Scripts (Bash + Flask)- Parsing and analyzing UDP MultiCast Traffic (Python socket programming)
    - Web application Flask Python Project (Web Based system to validating messages)
    - Latency measurements (Using Numpy & Bokeh Libraries to calculate the measurements and in graphs)
● Jenkins :
    - Pipeline Job for dynamic code compilation (Groovy)
    - Pipeline Job for latency measurements
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Cloud-Based Contact CenterJanuary 2016 - January 2018

* Support for full contact center solutions including IP PBX, auto dialers systems, asterisk AGI integrations, and Network/Firewall issues within the environment of Contact center .

* Essentially working with the dev team.

* Cloud Platform Installations for multiple Linux OS on worldwide Providers (GCP, Digital Ocean,

* Linux environment including Centos, OpenSuse

* Bash/Python Scripting for automation and improvements

* Mysql databases queries

* Asterisk Language

* Projects :
- Building Zabbix Monitoring System Project for more than
400 live servers using triggers based with slack integration

- Replication LAMP server Project ( Daily replicate data for mysql, php , call recordings for VoIP Central PBXs)
- Complex IVR Asterisk Projects
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Petah TIkvaJanuary 2015 - September 2015

* Local Cloud Based Solution project for building IP PBX.

* Configuring/Installing Routers for Business Clients

* Network issues related to VOIP environment , Wireshark

* Building hardware servers and installing Linux OS operating systems and Asterisk Telephony Systems

* Installing servers and networks on field if necessary

* Projects:
- Member of a small team for building an internal Cloud
Based infrastructure using VMware Sphere and Draytek
Routers with Fiber optics leased line.
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AtarotJanuary 2011 - January 2014

* Installations/Surveys to private & business customers for sound & video conferencing systems.

* Technical/Account Support for IP/Analogue Panasonic PBX.

* Smart Home projects: smart electricity, Controllers and lightning divisions.

* Training in Eurocom Panasonic (Tel Aviv) for IP/Analogue
PBX systems

* Training in Crestron Israel (Kfar Saba) for Smart Homes
Automation systems

* Projects:
Two Villa Smart Home Projects:
- Choosing and deploying crestron equipment that suits the requirements.
- Installing the equipment (low voltage electronics Board)
- Connecting the equipment into the internal network and telephone systems.

Mes compétences

Zabbix, Wireshark, VMWare, Ubuntu, Terraform, Teamwork, Security Management, RabbitMQ, Python 3.5, Problem Solving, PBX, NumPy, MySQL, Linux, Layer 3, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Groovy, GitHub, Firewalls, Docker, DevOps, Debugging, CentOS, Bash scripting, AWS, API, Ansible, Amazon Web Services (AWS), ADSL