Ivan C.

Devops Engineer

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10 ans

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BBVASeptember 2017 - Présent

At BBVA, I’m the Customer Solutions DevOps Lead, the area responsible in the bank for creating and developing global solutions and products to meet the needs of BBVA clients. The responsibilities of my role include: • Management: I oversee and lead the activities of the junior DevOps departments, conduct training on engineering teams, troubleshoot issues and I’m responsible for the architecture and technical leadership of the entire DevOps infrastructure of our area. • Strategy: I create software development strategies that allow the different projects’ engineers to successfully deploy software, strategies that allow that software to be deployed in a fully automated cloud infrastructure, and strategies that ensure the quality of both development software and production systems. • Design and Development: I’m in charge of designing, building and optimizing automated pipelines and scripts solutions that help to streamline the software development process. I also develop and implement self-service solutions for the engineering department in order to provide them with better tools to deliver software with greater speed and quality. • Collaboration and Support: I collaborate on a daily basis coaching the engineering development department to work towards reusable tools and patterns. Furthermore, I assist junior DevOps teams in their tasks when

 • CELL (Spain) +34 644 400 930  (US) +1 205 746 4096 • E-MAIL ivan@ivancasco.com

they need my expertise or help in the adoption of a new technology or strategy. I also support engineering teams in the implementation of lifecycle solutions in order to meet the engineering department’s quality and standards, following the Bank enterprise architectures. I’ve also become the subject matter expert in AWS cloud technologies, so I’m always available to help teams fixing highly complex issues in production environments deployed in cloud infrastructure. • Knowledge: I have to keep up with the industry best practices and trends on behalf of the DevOps departments and other engineer departments, conducting research, tests, POC, etc.
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SngularJune 2016 - September 2017

At BBVA Compass, I'm a member of the US PaaS DevOps team, where we are building microservices inside Docker containers, deployed in a Kubernetes cluster hosted in AWS through a CI/CD pipeline. My everyday tasks go from helping the developers, maintaining the Kubernetes cluster, provisioning of MongoDB databases, monitoring everything, architecting this Highly Available and scalable infrastructure in AWS and defining the infrastructure as code.
Apart from that project, I'm also a member of the Global DevOps Team, where we architect, develop and manage the CI/CD tools that the projects in every country use. There's a broad range of products and technologies we use, like
Jenkins, Bamboo, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Jira, Artifactory, Sonar, etc.

One of my last accomplishments was to help jumpstart the adoption of the new software architecture. When I started working on the project in
November, there was only a small POC, and today we have a fully automated development environment that builds and test every piece of code, and then deploys it all the way to production using CI/CD tools. Now the Bank can develop and implement new financial APIs in a matter of days instead of months, lowering the time to market and reducing costs.
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Paradigma TecnologicoJanuary 2016 - June 2016

At BBVA I was a member of the DevOps Adoption team, where we managed all the technical procedure and tools to make the Continuous Delivery and the best Agile procedures easier in all the Digital Banking structure
We used Linux as the main Operating System, with a hybrid cloud infrastructure using Amazon (AWS) as the public cloud and OpenStack as the private Cloud. We worked with agile methodologies like Scrum and git-flow schemes. We collaborated with the development teams, managed the infrastructure and improve tools and processes, going deeper in the automatic management of the application lifecycle, including its build, testing, and deployment.
My daily tasks were also evangelizing the DevOps philosophy to all the digital banking teams, supporting the continuous integration processes of the bank.
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Logicalis SpainApril 2015 - January 2016

As part of the UNIX/Linux engineering team, I was involved in all the different stages of a project, from the initial design to solving any critical issues that may arise, in critical environments such as financial, telecommunications and energy companies. I was the expert in Cloud Technologies, implementing hybrid cloud environments, their automation, and orchestration. I went from the initial Architecture and design, Proof of Concept, planning, to leading the deployment of production cloud systems.
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Performing Cloud EngineeringJune 2011 - April 2015

( tasks for different companies all over the world, consulting with clients to create specific solutions, cloud implementation projects, and tasks for critical sectors such as banking and communication. I always deployed systems in a highly available and scalable way, building cross- platform solutions between different OS at all levels.
CERTIFICATION AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional
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Inevio Inc.October 2014 - April 2015

As CIO in this startup, I had a wide range of tasks, facing challenges such as availability, internal process optimization, scalability, elasticity, and security of our systems; creating from scratch a scalable infrastructure platform, that could support hundreds of thousands of clients with little resources.

Mes compétences


Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Design, Leadership, PaaS, Bitbucket, Troubleshooting, Technical Support


Microsoft SQL Server, Google Cloud Storage, MongoDB, MySQL


Scrum Methodology, Cost Reduction, First Certificate In English, Certified Developer - Associate, CERTIFIED SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR, English, Associate, Initial design, Product Development, Architect, DevOps Cloud Engineer, Linux Cloud Engineer, CIO, Certified Solutions Architect, Certified DBA, Cloud Architect, DevOps Evangelist, kuber, Cloud Consultant


Software Development, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Artifactory, AWS

Analysis methods and tools

Agile, Agile Methodology, DevOps, Bamboo


C/C++, PHP, SQL, CSS, Java, HTML

IT Infrastructure

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Cloud Computing, System administration, Terraform, SUSE, Information Security, Linux, Ansible, Windows Server, Git, Debian, Docker, Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake), Linux Red Hat, Unix

Open Source solutions

Kubernetes, OpenStack



Mes études et formations

Master of Science, Information Technology Management - Western Governors University

Bachelors Degree, Computer Science - Thomas Edison State University

Cloudera Administrator Training - Cloudera University