Clara M.


937 dollar
6 ans
Madrid, SPAIN

Mon expérience

Barcelona Supercomputing CenterAugust 2018 - Présent

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BBVAMay 2018 - August 2018


The team manages the HPC and BIGDATA ecosystem:

*Cloudera ecosystem - BIGDATA cluster

*IBM Symphony - Computing grid

*Cache Coherence

*Ultra Messaging: Low latency messaging

I am mainly focused on:
Task automation

*Ansible: proposal of implementation and POC for task automation

*Google scripting and shell scripting
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RocheMay 2017 - May 2018

Agile Compute Solutions - Data Center Services

DevOps team maintaining and administering the High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure of the company's scientific clusters Linux Clusters.

Mainly focused on:

*OS: Linux RHEL (6-7) & CentOS (6-7)

*Configuration management: Puppet

*Deploy and provisioning: Foreman

*Cluster administration: Bright Cluster Manager

*Automation testing (based on python)

*Container Orchestration infrastructure: Docker, Mesos, Marathon

*CI/CD: Jenkins

*Version Control: Git - Bitbucket

*devOps tools: JIRA, hipchat

*Monitoring: Grafana, ELK, Ganglia, netIQ

*Storage Administration: GPFS, Aspera Data Replication Software
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RocheSeptember 2016 - May 2017

Working as a trainee in the Agile team.
Getting familiar with

*OS: RHEL and Centos system administration

*Scripting: shell scripting for task and job automation

*Configuration Management: Puppet modules and Hiera

*CI/CD: Jenkins

*Version Control: Git
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AEMet - Agencia Estatal de MeteorologíaJanuary 2016 - March 2016

*Data analysis

*Data interpretation

*Weather forecast

*Mountain Meteorology

Mes compétences

Tableau Software, System administration, Shell Scripting, RHEL, RedHat, R Language, Python, Puppet, MS Office, Matlab, Linux (RHEL), Linux, Jira, Jenkins, Hipchat, Grafana, GitHub, Git, Fortran, ELK, Docker, CentOS 6, Bitbucket, Big Data, Bash, Ansible, Agile