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BullhornJune 2021 - Présent

· Proactively providing cost effective solutions for migrating critical infrastructure into AWS.
· Efficiently managing cloud resources on AWS using Terraform and AWS SDKs.
· Successfully implementing Bash and Python automation scripts for provisioning and decommissioning virtual machines in KVM environments to improve the efficiency of managing virtual on-premise resources.
· Managing end users' permissions to Bullhorn resources while diligently following the principle of least privilege.
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BullhornOctober 2020 - May 2021

· Consistently automating the process of generating API credentials which improved information security when staffing firms access resources and information in Bullhorn via REST APIs.
· Actively configuring cloud features and services in Bullhorn that substantially improved the workflow needs of dozens of staffing firms.
· Providing coherent solutions on different cloud or networking issues to non-technical customers in a timely manner. Contributed to maintaining the 95% customer satisfaction rate of the support team.
· Displaying care and interpersonal skills with every customer interaction which notably improved the delivery of an incredible customer experience.
· Effectively maintaining composure and patience when dealing with challenging situations.
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TIAAJune 2020 - August 2020

· Successfully automated cloud database configurations and report generation in StealthAUDIT and SQL Server. Increased workflow productivity by 40%.
· Developed research-based insights on software-defined networking and its ability to securely integrate into traditional network and cloud environments.
· Achieved in providing key information on how to utilize new services like StealthAUDIT which successfully improved the Information Security team’s efficiency in managing corporate data and automating reporting tasks.
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Cornell Johnson SchoolOctober 2018 - May 2020

· Commended for successful optimization of office workstations and lecture rooms that met the
lecturing needs of graduate professors.
· Efficiently assisted dozens of Johnson School staff who experienced hardware or networking issues.
· Coherently explained best practices to faculty and students on how to use any borrowed computers, cabling or equipment which substantially improved end-user security.
· Remotely monitored all of the Johnson School’s cloud recording equipment to ensure that the resources were performing at optimal condition for classrooms.
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Fidelity InvestmentsJune 2019 - August 2019

· Ameliorated the performance of Fidelity's IT through Python scripting and IT automation tools
which improved high availability and saved the engineering team hours of manual configurations.
· Successfully tested new cloud technologies that helped optimize Fidelity's enterprise infrastructure.
· Assisted in developing change management procedures which helped the engineering team securely migrate resources into AWS.
· Actively collaborated with product owners to ensure tasks are completed before strict deadlines.

Mes compétences

Virtualization, Terraform, TCP/IP, REST API, Python, Node.js, Networking, Network Security, Network Design, Network administration, MS Office, Linux, Kubernetes, JavaScript, Java, Docker, Database Administration, Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS)