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Embedded Software Developer

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ASTC design partners SASMars 2019 - Septembre 2019

Development of a test bench in simulation.
o Creation of SystemC SPI Slave and Spi Master models and to communicate them with an infineon AURIX µc platform via a python script using VLAB software.o Creating an ASCLIN model and integrating it into the microcontroller's virtual platform.
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UPS Research and Development LaboratoryAvril 2018 - Juillet 2018

Design and implementation of a Meteorological Station based on STM32F4.o Implementation of the internal peripherals of the STM32F4 microcontroller (GPIO, TIMER, ADC, communication interfaces I2C & SPI & CAN) sous Keil µVision.o Development of embedded software to collect the measurements received by the sensors.
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FST Research and Development LaboratoryMars 2016 - Juillet 2016

Conception et simulation d’une antenne log-périodique sous CST Studio suite.o Design, analysis and optimization of electromagnetic components and systems.o Increasing the angular coverage, bandwidth and gain of a printed antenna.
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ELECTRO RESOLUTION S.A.R.LMars 2014 - Juillet 2014

Variation de vitesse d’un moteur à courant continu à base de la carte ARDUINO.o Simulation and realization of a control circuit in LTSpice software.o Control the direction of rotation of the motor by the L293D circuit using a PWM signal.

Mes compétences


Programmer Analyst/Software Engineer Certification


Embedded Systems


Masters Degree > Masters Degree Information Processing, Antennas, Microsoft Windows, Microcontrollers, Control Circuits, French, Python Programming, Electronic Systems, Electronic Components, Control Systems, ASTC design, Microelectronics, C Programming Language, Systems Engineer, Microsystems Engineer, push button management, SYSML design, FFT signal processing, Masters Degree > Masters Degree Embedded Systems and Microsystems, UML/OMT, industry~it, English

Environment of Development

Eclipse IDE


C++, Analog Hardware Descriptive Language, Java

IT Infrastructure


Analysis methods and tools


Embedded and Telecom


Mes études et formations

Masters Degree, Embedded Systems and Microsystems - University of Toulouse 32017 - 2019

Masters Degree, Information Processing - Faculty of Science2014 - 2016