Maria Victoria R.

Embedded Software Developer

460 dollar
8 ans

Mon expérience

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OrganizationJune 2015 - Présent

The Student Center of Electronic Engineering, University Simon Bolivar organizes the IX National Congress of Electronic Engineering. In this congress professionals from multiple companies in the country renowned university professors, researchers, entrepreneurs and presented.
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Nokia Bell LabsMarch 2018 - Présent

• Implementation and Monitoring of some components of the data center architecture, such as, the Medium Access Control (MAC), a protocol that defines how data is actually sent over the fiber.
• Measurement of latency of the blocks implemented on the FPGA, in the transmitter and receiver side, in order to enhance the performance of the overall architecture through a faster module.
• Evaluation of a SDN controller for the intra-datacenter network.
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NokiaOctober 2018 - Présent

Rôle principale :

- Analyse des documents d’architecture.
- Analyse des nouvelles évolutions / features et proposition de solutions techniques.
- Développement agile du produit en C++.
- Développement des tests unitaires en C++ et tests SCT (Système Component Test).

Outils utilisés :
- Git / Gerrit : gestion des versions de code. Livraison et revue de code. Automatisation de tests.
- JIRA : outils de planification et de suivi des tâches entre les différents scrums.

Cadre international : Allemagne, Chine, Finlande, France, Philippines et Pologne.
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Simón Bolívar UniversitySeptember 2014 - June 2015

Enforcing the rights of students, with all that that means (demand, claim, manage, find the best ways to solve problems, be heard by the authorities and thus bring the views of the students).

Organize numerous activities for students of the career, either from the sporting, recreational and cultural framework to the public interest, as well as the solidarity activity, etc.
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Simón Bolívar UniversityApril 2013 - December 2013

- Matrix operations. Examples.
- System of m equations in n unknowns, elementary row operations, phased array, reduced echelon.
- Methods of Gauss and Gauss-Jordan.
- Systems with a solution, with infinite solutions and inconsistent; homogeneous and inhomogeneous systems.
- Identity matrix, Invertible matrix. Calculus of the inverse of a matrix. Matrix equivalents per rows, Transposed matrix, symmetric matrix.
- Determinants and Properties. Determinants of A-1.
- Cartesian coordinates in the plane and in space, vectors in the plane and in space, scalar product. orthogonal projections.
- Orthogonal projection, orthonormal basis and Gram-Schmidt algorithm.
- Eigenvalues ​​and eigenvectors, diagonalization, real symmetric matrices.
- Quadratic forms and conic sections.

Mes compétences

Embedded and Telecom

Telecommunications, Simulink


Teamwork, Algorithms, Project Management

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel


Microcontrolers, Java, Matlab, C++, Python, VHDL

IT Infrastructure





Switches, Programming, Electronics, Sensors, Signal Processing, Microsoft Office

Mes études et formations

Courses - -

Master 2 (M2), Optical Networks and Photonics Systems - Telecom ParisTech2017 - 2018

Master of Science (M.Sc.), Electrical and Optical Engineering - Télécom SudParis2016 - 2017

Engineer's degree, Electrical and Electronics Engineering - Simon Bolivar University2011 - 2016

Electronic Engineer - Simón Bolívar University2011 - 2011