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AnsibleFebruary 2017 - March 2020

• Assignment objectives :

•  Analysis of technical impact (study of practicability, workload estimates, technical estimations)
• Development of different tasks while estimating the duration of each technical task.
• Front-end development using Redux react.

•  Backend Development using JAVA

• WebServices Development for exchange information between frontend and the Tezos Blockchain network.

•  Unit and integration testing

•  Legacy developments on tezos Taquito TypeScript library

•  Updating and adapting existing web pages

• Technical Environment : Docker,Redux React , Jest, Java, VSCode, Tezos, Taquito,TypeScript , API REST,JNPM, Material design , JEST, AXIOS, GITHUB, GITLAB.

Mes compétences

XML, Windows, Webpack.js, Web Services, UX Design, Unit testing, UML, UI Design, Ubuntu, TypeScript, Trello, SVN, Subversion (svn), Scrum, REST API, Redux, React.js, React-Redux, PostgreSQL, NPM, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Material Design UI, Mac OS, Linux - Ubuntu, Linux, Kubernetes, JSON, jQuery, Jira, Jest, Jenkins, JavaScript, Java, Integration testing, HTML5, Go, GitLab CI, GitLab, GitHub, Docker, DevOps, CSS3, Continuous Integration, Blockchain, Axios, API, Ansible, AngularJS, Angular, AJAX, Agile Methodology, Agile, Adobe Photoshop